Error counting deaths in Texas


The Texas Department of Health Services made an error calculating deaths directly caused by COVID-19. The error was discovered on Wednesday. There were 225 fewer deaths than reported.

The numbers were reported accurately by doctors but the method they used counted death certificates and they included people who contracted COVID but died of something else.

The Department was under pressure to submit numbers within 10 days.

Prior to this, the death certificates were verified before reporting.

Texas has had 7,266 deaths. New York had 32,780 deaths and seeded the nation according to the NY Times. Dr. Redfield the head of the CDC, postulated that New Yorkers seeded the south, especially Florida, since Memorial Day.

This doesn’t mean you should be a virus denier — read to the end.

Another problem is the fact that hospitals are incentivized to report all deaths as COVID even when it’s not the cause. Dr. Redfield said the same thing happened during the HIV crisis.

It pays well for the hospitals to overcount.

The problem is serious, but it’s not tragic yet.

The media is overreacting for political reasons. That doesn’t mean you don’t take it seriously. Wear a mask, don’t gather, wash your hands frequently, and social distance. It isn’t that hard and it will keep the virus at bay as we have seen.

Governor Abbott is taking it seriously and tells of a family of 14 virus deniers in Dallas who partied. One died of COV and another is on life support.

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