EU and UK Warn Elon Musk to Censor Content on Twitter


The European Union and the United Kingdom warned the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk to moderate — censor — the content.

“Regardless of ownership, all social media platforms must be responsible,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office told BBC.

“Be it cars or social media, any company operating in Europe needs to comply with our rules … regardless of their shareholding,” Thierry Breton, commissioner for the internal market at the EU executive, wrote in another warning on Twitter.

The EU’s new rules came about in March. The authoritarians agreed to new Internet rules to overhaul the market, including regulating how Big Tech companies operate.

What the media never reports is that Mr. Musk said he would abide by the laws of the country Twitter operates in.

However, the USA has free speech and that’s the law he wants to abide by in the USA.


In one statement, Mr. Musk said, “free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”  Left-wing users claimed he would be opening up the platform to so-called extremist viewpoints. It already is open to extremist views — leftist views.

Democrats are extremists. Then you have Mullahs, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, radical Islamists, and the list goes on. The people who are not allowed to speak freely are Republicans.

Before the Twitter sale was officially confirmed Monday, Musk wrote that “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”

The United States has the 1st Amendment and it guarantees free speech. The EU can’t take that away. Democrats can’t take that away. They sure do try, however.

We fought a revolution for freedom. Yet, here we are. If one is truly liberal, s/he believes in freedom.

Boris, in particular, is a wretch disguised as a conservative. In the clip below, Boris chats up the Build Back Better plan conjured up by the WEF elites.

“We are building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and in a more gender-neutral and perhaps a more feminine way. How about that?”

Blathering about nothing:

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1 year ago

There’s a simple solution for the EU and UK. Make using Twitter Illegal and see how well that goes over with their citizens. I find this rich to be coming from the UK when the BBC blasted Propaganda all over the World via shortwave radio for decades. The only responsibility that Social Media should have is fidelity to the Truth and the “opinions” of Individuals. If an Individual is a crackpot the masses will point it out. What Governments really want is to be able to put out Government Propaganda and to never be Challenged on it. Well, there is a New World Order and The People will be heard and it’s Government that is going to comply in the future.

The only extremist and total failures I’ve seen all my life on the Media are almost all Liberals. Maxine Waters telling people to attack Republicans in Restaurants. Liberal Reporters telling us a Riot is mostly peaceful with a City burning in the Background. AOC spewing some brand of insanity every time she is in front of a camera. The View. Then there is cast of Clowns. Bernie Sanders who thought a honeymoon in Russia was a good idea. Elizabeth Warren who told people she was America Indian to get minority status employment. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who employed an IT guy who was possibly selling information to Pakistan. Dianne Feinstein who had a Chinese spy as a Chauffeur for 20 years. Eric Swalwell who was actually sleeping with a Chinese Spy. Nancy Pelosi. Anthony Fauci. Joe Biden. Barrack 0bama. Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter. Lyndon Baines Johnson. The biggest monumental failures and extremist are all Democrats. The damage they have done to America is mind boggling. There are Republicans who have manure for brains, but they just don’t measure up to the level of Democrat Failure! Imagine what we would find out if the Media didn’t protect Democrats or Liberals in general.