Theory That President Zelensky Helped Bring Down Tucker


Did Ukrainian President Zelensky help bring down Tucker Carlson? We think Ukraine was one of the reasons, but it’s hard to say if it was the reason.

According to Gateway Pundit, on Monday, Semafor reported that Fox News Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch held a previously unreported call with Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy earlier this spring. The two men discussed the war.

Zelensky also had a conversation with Lachlan Murdoch on the same subject. Semafor notes Zelenskyy mentioned this as an aside during a national broadcast last month.

The Sentinel reported last week that it was rumored Zelensky met with Lachlan who liked him and donated to him.

It’s not enough evidence to claim Ukraine was the reason, although many believe it was the main reason. Then again, many believe it was the Dominion and other lawsuits.


One of the theories about why Tucker Carlson was fired is his support for ending the Ukraine War before it became World War III. His criticism of Zelensky as fighting for freedom and Ukraine as a democracy wasn’t going over well in the executive suite.

Politico reported that the Pentagon celebrated his firing. It makes you wonder about the power of the military-industrial complex in this issue.

Andrew Bolt rattled off a long list of complaints from the Murdochs. As one complaint, Bolt suggested Tucker supported the brutal Russian dictator, Vlad Putin.

The brass didn’t like Tucker calling Ukraine hopelessly corrupt and Bidenistas liars for supporting the war.

Tucker reported about the bio-labs in Ukraine on his show his last week at Fox and had RFK Jr. on. That couldn’t have gone over well.

Yahoo reports that Murdoch was displeased with Carlson’s stance on the Ukraine war—a graphic on Carlson’s show had previously called the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky a “Ukrainian pimp.”

The host also repeatedly chided the U.S. for providing military aid to Ukraine. Murdoch’s opinion of Carlson’s commentary had become so negative that he complained about it during a newsroom meeting, according to anonymous sources cited by the Washington Post.

We know for a fact that Ukraine has a big role in censoring American’s social media comments.

Do we think Zelensky probably wanted to bring down Tucker? Yes.

However, it sounds like there were many reasons for the firing. It’s hard to pinpoint one. Could Zelensky have been responsible for bringing down Tucker? Absolutely.

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