Even Andy McCabe Questions Red Flag Laws – People Ignore Signals


Disgraced Acting Attorney General Andrew McCabe made an important point about Red Flag laws. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

He said that the Chicago killer Robert Crimo was “putting out plenty of signals that possibly his network of associates & family knew about, but yet no word was ever passed on to law enforcement — really calls into question how effective can these red flag laws possibly be.”

That’s true. The people closest to him certainly ignored the signals. Probably in complete denial, the father signed the necessary paperwork for his son to buy guns. His mother is a self-involved unbalanced woman.

McCabe is wrong about the police. They did have interactions with him, but we don’t know the details from the police.


The Highland Park gunman’s history and weapon purchases raise questions about whether Democrat gun laws work. The suspect bought a rifle banned by the city and was allowed to purchase it despite prior run-ins with police, defying the Illinois red flag law.

Threats he made to kill others and himself were seemingly dismissed.

Illinois has had a red flag law in place since 2013, but it didn’t prevent the gunman from acquiring the banned firearm.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering said on Tuesday that Crimo violated the local ordinance by bringing the weapon into the city.

A neighbor of Robert Crimo’s said cops were seen at the house often. In 2019, weapons were seized from Crimo, but the red flag law didn’t stop him from later acquiring firearms. The Chicago Sun-Times reported on Tuesday that Crimo’s father sponsored him for the gun permit.

As an aside, it’s amazing how CNN feels compelled to hire disgraced government employees like McCabe as commentators.

Red Flag laws take away due process but they really won’t address the issue of madmen who finally break. Most of us knew weird kids in school but you don’t expect them to become mass shooters and they rarely do.

At the same time, 72 people were shot in Chicago last weekend and no one seems to care. Those are gangland shootings, often of innocents. They don’t fit the narrative.


Gov. Hochul has immediately abused the laws we have and is instituting more laws that will likely violate the Constitution. She is going to require people to turn over their social history to get a concealed carry permit. None of the mass shooters had a concealed carry permit.

The Left WOKES dislike Rep. Greene but she has this right. If they are honest, they admit it.

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