Even NPR Doesn’t Like TDS Victim Jim Acosta’s Book


Jim Acosta’s book, The Enemy of the People, is no longer on the top 100 books at Amazon and it’s only the first week his book hit the stands. Acosta has even lost NPR if you can believe that!

Here are a few excerpts from a review of his book by a critic who appears to admire his ideology but not his reporting. It’s not kind:

The Enemy of the People would have been a good place to ask why Trump has succeeded in this project. But Acosta used it as an opportunity to relitigate his spats with the White House rather than to meaningfully interrogate the cultural shift that left huge numbers of people despising and fearing the press…

…In The Enemy of the People, Acosta sounds less like a reporter than a rival athlete: “We beat Trump!” Acosta remembers shouting after the lawsuit. Later, he writes, the “Trump people … had clearly gotten spanked.” The tone throughout is jocular and self-congratulatory. Describing a Trump confrontation, he writes that another reporter was “the real hero” of the news conference for defending Acosta, something you only say if you believe you are, in fact, the apparent and obvious hero…

…”I don’t believe reporters are supposed to be the story,” Acosta writes. “That’s how I was trained. But at that press conference, I had faced a choice: Do we just absorb Trump’s attacks? Or do we push back and stand up for ourselves?” This feels like an artificial distinction. Reporters become part of the story when the president attacks them. But in between absorbing abuse and hitting back is another option: fighting for access, challenging the president on lies, and reporting the facts the way you would with any other story. Acosta seems to believe that the attacks give him special dispensation to offer his personal opinions and that doing so is even an act of bravery or public service.

That critic clearly supports Acosta’s beliefs but not his ability to report or write an appropriate book that represents journalism.


If his disastrous anti-Trump book isn’t enough, he will dialogue with the Father of Fake News himself, Dan Rather. I can’t wait for that one.


Jim Acosta posted a tweet about his narcissistic self, making himself into a victim. It’s quintessential Acosta.

Thanking “the climate of fear that Trump had created” for the view by Americans that journalists “weren’t really human,” the CNN reporter shared multiple tweets of photos from his book, “Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”

He wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up, smacked him around, and threatened to send him to CNN in Siberia.

Also typical of Acosta is to tweet a book signing photo-op with no one there to buy the books or see his glorious mug and tell him how great he is.

Everyone knows Jim Acosta is the enemy of the people. The book should be autobiographical.

Discounts on the book already. Lots of unsold books and no audience.



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