Even Rep. Crenshaw Says DOJ Didn’t Act Responsibly in the Raid


Even Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who has expressed his admiration for Liz Cheney pre-Jan. 6, understands that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was political and the DOJ did not act responsibly.

“People signing off on it doesn’t mean … that it has precedent,” Crenshaw replied. “It doesn’t. This is a very unprecedented measure. And you know that when you’re going after an ex-president who may run again that this is automatically political. You cannot separate the legal aspects from the political aspects. You can’t.”

Crenshaw also said he does not believe Department of Justice (DOJ) officials “acted responsibly.”

“Why not just ask him?” he said, referring to the documents seized by FBI agents at Trump’s estate.

“It’s hard to justify what the Department of Justice did here, in my opinion,” Crenshaw said on Sunday.

“I still haven’t seen any evidence that Trump was even asked to give these documents back,” he said. “Why take it to this extreme extent?”

“It does seem unjust, and there does seem to be a long history of loss of credibility at the Department of Justice at the hands of Democrats. And I think people are rightfully frustrated about that,” he added.

Even establishment Republican Crenshaw gets it, and Jake Tapper continues to lie.

As for Liz Cheney, about the raid, she said there was no political motivation in carrying out an FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s resort home in Palm Beach, Florida.

“I’ve seen no evidence that there was any political motivation,” Cheney told ABC News when asked about the Mar-a-Lago raid carried out by FBI agents.

That’s just an absurd lie. If she believes that, she needs mental help.

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