Everyone Hates Biden’s Much-Touted New Border Wall


Joe Biden is building a border wall, and no one wants it, not right, not left. It’s obvious why the open-border leftist Democrats don’t want it, but one must be surprised that the Right doesn’t. It’s all about the design. He’s planning a “movable” wall.

According to the Associated Press, the wall is a movable design that will go for nearly 20 miles. The administration waived 26 federal laws to protect the environment in certain species to speed up the construction.

As Rodney Scott, a former US Border Patrol Chief said, “The United States border patrol did not ask for this downgraded border wall.”

And downgraded it is. The movable wall consists of metal bollards shooting out of 4 feet high concrete blocks. Each section is much shorter than Trump’s wall, and can be shoved out of the way by someone with a pick up truck.

The border wall from Hell

This is nothing like what the CBP wants. They want a wall like the wall Donald Trump built, and want it equipped with cameras and detection technology, but there won’t be any of that in this design.

So Biden is going to put up something that nobody wants including the border patrol.

There are so many better designs for the money he will spend. So what is going on? Why is he doing this? Clearly if it’s movable, the regime plans to move it sometime later, soon, whenever. Or maybe they just want to be sure the illegal aliens can move it. Is it possible that this is just a show for the media and the public with an election coming up?

I’m just trying to be the canary in the coal mine, not a conspiracy theorist. I know I don’t have proof of anything to make these statements, but I do have reason to be suspicious.

And, by the way, the regime wants new processes in place to speed up illegal immigrant entry into the country.

Listen for this:

Mr. Scott also mentioned that the cartel doesn’t vet people.

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