Newsom Calls Govs Abbott & De Santis “Morally Reprehensible”


California Far-far-left Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom accused Republican Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas of possible kidnapping and have called their transporting of illegal immigrants to progressive states “morally reprehensible,” despite launching a program as San Francisco mayor that bussed thousands of homeless people out of San Francisco and the state.

Gavin Newsom, California’s totalitarian governor.

Newsom doesn’t care that Biden has opened the borders, facilitating cartel criminality and sending illegal aliens all over the country.

Newsom responded to DeSantis’ latest action by sending a letter asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate whether the governors sending migrants out of their states are breaking the law by kidnapping.

It seems obvious that Governor Newsom wants to run for president, and his competition could be Governor De Santis. Instead of worrying about a governor doing nothing wrong, he should worry about his own moral turpitude and reprehensible behavior.


This governor is about to sign a bill allowing people to bring children to California without parental permission or knowledge for radical trans surgeries. They will allow doctors to give them puberty blockers or mutilate children.

The measure, SB 107, which was introduced in July by Democrat state Senator Scott Wiener as part of efforts to turn California into a “sanctuary state” for trans mutilation of children (alleged gender-affirming care), passed both the house and the senate on August 31st with “overwhelming Democratic support.”

The children could go into the foster care system and get a double mastectomy without parental permission. This is reprehensible.

Any health care provider arranging for this could remain anonymous and would not be prosecuted. That same person could not be extradited. The bill won’t allow courts to intervene on parents’ or guardians’ behalf if the child was taken for gender-affirming care.

This is so sick. It’s sanctioned child abuse.

The Left mafia wants to be able to mutilate children throughout the nation. It doesn’t get much more reprehensible than that.

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