“*&% Lunatics” Want to Bomb Tehran, Carpet Bomb ME, Now!


Massive fire explosion close up in military combat and war. Vehicle explosion from a tank in a city in the Middle East. Jeff Kingma photos

The warmongers are now looking to start a war with Iran – they’ve been looking to start a war with Iran. Removing sanctions put us on that path. A war with Iran brings the rest of the troika into play – Russia and China (add North Korea). That would be called World War III. Most of our NATO allies can’t defend themselves. Even Germany says they can’t; the UK wouldn’t last long.

Once those nukes start flying, anything could happen. Scroll down. Tucker said it best.

Tom Cotton wants to carpet bomb across the Middle East.

Tucker Responds


Instead of sanctions and diplomacy, the raging lunatics go right to war while our borders are wide open, our debt is exorbitant, and our leaders are morons, I might add.


On Saturday, China sent warplanes and navy ships toward Taiwan after the US sent a warship through the straits in international waters.

This comes just as the incompetent Jake Sullivan ended his talks with China’s foreign minister.


Fox News reported that Taiwan’s defense ministry sent 30 Chinese warplanes, 33 aircraft in total, including SU-30 fighters, and six navy ships.

On Jan. 17, the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan said in an English-language press release that “18 sorties of various CCP primary and auxiliary aircraft” had been detected. Fox said eleven of the sorties crossed the Taiwan Strait’s median line.

At the same time, US CENTCOM released a statement revealing that the Houthis attacked a ship with anti-ship ballistic missiles that contained a “highly flammable liquid hydrogen mixture,” and a fire quickly ensued in one of the cargo holds.

According to the statement, the “USS Carney (DDG 64), the French Navy Frigate FS Alsace (D656) and Indian Navy Frigate INS Visakhapatnam (DD66) all responded quickly” and helped put out the fire after the civilian crew had exhausted their firefighting capability.

The statement can be read here.


On Sunday, in a massive escalation by Iranian militias, a horrific drone attack on a base in Jordan killed three Special Forces soldiers and wounded 25; some are undoubtedly grievous wounds.

We also lost two airman in the Middle East. They were declared dead.

Our air defense system failed, and the Pentagon is looking into it.


These attacks are happening because of the weakness of our President and his staff, especially Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken. The attacks will keep escalating as they go unnoticed after 158 of them. Biden advisors have been blowing up camel tents in retaliation. They claim their hits are strategic.

We need the sanctions back so Iran can’t fund terrorism. Biden gave them $16 billion held in banks and allowed them to make billions selling oil to China.


In this X post by Maze Moore, “Joe Biden claims our soldiers are less safe if Donald Trump is in charge.

“August, 2016. While campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden says that our soldiers are less safe just because Trump is running, says that he wouldn’t have let his son serve in the military under Trump,” writes Maze.

“I don’t know what I would have done if Beau was still in Iraq! I’d be so damn angry! Biden did that routine a bunch of times in 2020 after Iran shot some missiles at a base in Iraq. Iran is shooting missiles into Iraq again. Is Joe damn angry?” writes Maze along with posting the clip.

“2020. The most “Joe Biden” clip ever. Accuses Trump of almost starting a full blown war with Iran and somehow ties it to his son Beau. Even has the patented Biden fake choke up. Classic Biden,” writes Maze.

VERDUN, FRANCE – AUGUST 19, 2016: Cemetery for First World War One soldiers who died at Battle of Verdun

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28 days ago

The same people warned against striking at the guilty after 9-11. So we used a “restrained” approach which wasted trillions and thousands of lives. History teaches us what a massive use of force does. It ends the aggressor’s aggressions or his existence. Reagan knew this and ended the Libyans actions. He also smashed the Iranians. The usual know nothings with appease evil. Just look at our courts today.

tony newbill
tony newbill
28 days ago

Before we allow Biden to start WW3 with Iran we need to address Iran inside our DoD !!!!!!!!

DAMNIT By allowing Iranian Operators inside the US Pentagon our Military is Compromised on ALL FRONTS EVEN BY CHINA and RUSSIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
President Trump NEEDS to go before the Nation and DEMAND this Foreign Involvement of Defense POLICY BE ENDED and a Reverse Engineering of our Critical Intelligence Data and Operations be “OVERHAULED ” 


29 days ago

One wonders what Tucker would go to war for?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
29 days ago

Graham and Cornyn are obvious betrayers of the USA. Cornyn just got done supporting the illegal invasion of his state. Their silence on the invasion by Graham is defacto support. Graham has been a major amnesty advocate.

They are corrupt senate RINOs, tied to powerful interests. Mitch has a strangle hold over the senate GOP leadership.

War with Iran is war with Red China and Russia. These RINOs look for any angle or excuse to escalate, to make money for the MIC.

29 days ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Of course Russia and China are willing to tie their fates to Tehran’s. It takes a truly unusual mind to make such a statement, a mind that clearly has had years of military and intelligence experience.

Now tell us how did you get all that experience after asking your clients, “do you want fries with that?”