Angry Dad Blasts School Board Over Sexual Fantasy Assignment


In Eugene, Oregon 4J school district, a teacher who also coaches gave a written handout to the students asking them to describe their sexual fantasies. The father of one of the young female students attended the board meeting with an ultimatum. He told them to remove the teacher, or he will go down to the county clerk and demand the removal of everyone on the board.

This typical father doesn’t want his high school child forced to reveal sexual fantasies in a school assignment. He gave the board the definition of verbal sexual abuse before he spoke.

The course is titled, Health 2, Human Sexuality. This lesson steps over the line, which is the danger when schools can take over a child’s sexual education.

The assignment:

For those students who were absent, you will write a short story of a paragraph or two. This story is a sexual fantasy that will have NO penetration of any kind or oral sex (no way of passing an STI). You will choose 3 items (romantic music, candles, massage oil, feather, feather boa, flavored syrup, etc) to use in your story. Your story should show that you can show and receive loving physical affection without having sex.

Only that wasn’t the assignment. It was much worse than that!

Calling it “this atrocity of assignments,” The father told the board, “I want to first say you’re a liar. It’s not a rumor. I have the proof right here in my phone….’with whom would you do it with?’”

He said his daughter told him that “the teacher put up a wheel on the class board, and it stated ‘anal penetration, oral sex, licking of the ear, kissing,’ and he wanted them to write down the initials of a boy or girl that they would do these activities with. Now, I don’t know what’s worse: wanting to know my child’s sexual fantasy or who they’re going to have anal penetration and oral sex with.”

The dad asks, “What is he gaining from this? What do you gain from this information?” He said his daughter did the assignment “because she’s scared. She wants to get good grades. She wants to get her license…”

He demanded to know why his daughter hadn’t received the assignment back with a grade on it.
A very good question.

The Dad thinks the teacher might be “literally using this for his sexual deviant [sic].” He describes the teacher’s giving this assignment as “verbally sexually abus[ing] every single child in that classroom.

The father believes the teacher is still teaching because he’s a coach. This parent did an excellent job of asserting his rights. Whether the board will listen and make adjustments without calling the DOJ, we can’t say.

These types of assignments are beginning to flourish and catch on. Parents must pay attention to their children’s assignments and speak up when they go too far. As parents, you deserve to see and have a say in the curriculum.

Don’t let the school officials usurp your role as a parent. Go with your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 months ago

I’ve known for quite a while Democrats embrace sexual perversion. We found that out when pervert in chief, Bill Clinton was just a candidate in 1992. Remember the Democrats excuse for this guy, “Character doesn’t count.” With the election of Obama, and I accept Obama was elected (what real choice did voters have) the perverts came out of the closet and were celebrated by Obama. Now look what’s happening under Puppet Biden and many every day Democrat voters still support this. I can conclude nothing else but the entire Democrat Party and Democrat voters are all in for sexual perversion.

Big Crow
Big Crow
2 months ago

Schedule a beatdown meeting with the teacher and make sure he’s left disabled. They won’t allow it again.

2 months ago
Reply to  Big Crow

I was told by my Great Grandmother that Tar (Glue) and Feathers will get the point across.

2 months ago

Sex should not be taught K thru 12; at all. Sixty years ago this was the case. Today there is sex everywhere which sexualizes children leading to teenage pregnancy outside of marriage children, etc. This is the World that Liberals and Progressives have brought us, but we don’t have to tolerate it.

Communities have a right to remove people from Office who are a danger to children and set Standards for Public Employees, including public school teachers. We watched what Gay Perverts did to the Boy Scouts. Why are we letting Liberal Shenanigans into our schools?

This Teacher needs to be investigated by Law Enforcement, he sounds like a Pervert. No one in the Alphabet Soup Cult should be allowed near Children! We now know that not only their ideology is dangerous, but they are dangerous!

America needs to abolish Public Schools and replace them with a Voucher System so parents can send their children to schools that match their values.