Texas Transurrection After Six People Were Murdered by a Trans Person


Empowered and privileged trans radicals showed up at the Texas Capitol to wage a transurrection. In the wake of a transgender murdering six people, including three children, the mob thought it appropriate to intimidate political opponents. Don’t think of them as transgenders; think of them as leftist troublemakers. It’s just another identity group screaming, bullying, and threatening to push an agenda.

This is how they decided to recognize Joe Biden’s official Transgender Day of Visibility. They seem to think they are the victims. This is shameful behavior, watch here.

The transurrection is a direct insult to the murder victims. The Left doesn’t care at all about the victims.

Murder victims of the trans person. Emily is on the top middle.

The first funeral connected to this week’s massacre of three children and three adults at a private Christian school in Nashville happened Friday.

Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9, was the first victim of Monday’s shooting at The Covenant School to have a funeral service.

The shooter, a former Covenant School student, also killed 9-year-old students William Kinney and Hallie Scruggs; Katherine Koonce, the 60-year-old head of the school; Cynthia Peak, a 61-year-old substitute teacher; and Mike Hill, a 61-year-old custodian.

Police shot the transgender murderess to death and stopped her from killing more innocent people.

Shameful Behavior

Three days after the mass shooting, rabid transgender “rights” activists and gun control zealots stormed their way into the building and disrupted official proceedings. To make it worse, three woke members of the Tennessee House joined in on the “protests,” with one using a bullhorn on the House floor to chant “no action, no peace.”

Making matters worse was that certain “reporters” flattered them despite the video evidence of a “transurrection,” as Twitter called it.

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2 months ago

The Alphabet Soup Crowd is proving itself a threat to civilized society. It’s now to the point that they are killing people who disagree with them. They are mentally Ill and should be institutionalized. We should at least require them to register as Sex offenders as they go after Children.

2 months ago

who knew there were so many mentally ill people loose in society?

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

The development of English culture from the middle ages to modern times was greatly influenced by the translation of the Bible into the English language which culminated in the King James Version. Biblical concepts became a part of the thinking of the people. Among those are love and justice, especially for the oppressed.
  Like so much of the filth that pours forth from the mouths of those who have adopted the thinking of the left including a desire to not think about God, we have the concepts of love and justice perverted in such a way that love means not just accepting a person as a fellow human but accepted the most perverted thinking as acceptable and not to accept all such as being unloving and unjust, to the point that it allow no moral standard.
  I listen to young people spouting about love, but having no concept of true love, which is an unselfish, self-sacrificing commitment for the welfare of another. That love does not mean supporting a woman who wants to murder her child, or support for the selfish traffickers of such murder who profit mightily from it. True love can only work with objective reality which includes a strong moral base. It abhors amorality. 
  Remember Jonathan Locke whom some call the philosophical Father of the American constitution? He prepared the “Letters Concerning Toleration.” 
   In them Locke pleaded for toleration of all people. However, he excluded from toleration:
1. Oath breakers.
2. Traitors (citizens who gave their allegiance to another government).
3. Atheists – denying God they rob oaths and covenants of meaning.
4. The intolerant.
Perhaps a good dosage of Locke and Linda Goudsmit’s The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes and/or The Collapsing American Family might help people understand the crisis we face.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Don’t forget an important tool of the left: Stir up a mob, especially to hate and turn them loose to commit mayhem.