Fauci Now Admits What Many Were De-Platformed for Only Months Ago


Fauci finally admitted that most of the children hospitalized are with Covid, not because of Covid. He’s been giving a very different impression.

When a child gets hospitalized, they are immediately tested for Covid and then listed as Covid even though it’s not the reason for the hospitalization, he explains in the clip below.

Fauci now says “it’s overcounting the number of children who are quote hospitalized with Covid as opposed to because of Covid.”

The fact that hospitals were paid a lot more for COVID patients didn’t hurt either. That was thanks to Democrats.

He’s been gaslighting parents so they vax their children without knowing what the long-term effects will be. This mRNA is gene therapy, not a vaccine no matter how many times they change the definition. There is a great deal of hope in gene therapy but a lot of doctors say we should have tested the vaccine at least five years.

People were banned for saying the numbers were exaggerated over ‘with COV as opposed to because of COV’. We were de-platformed from Facebook partly over that and shadow-banned on Twitter. They now tell the truth?

Everything these people do is political.

THEY DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT CHILDREN, PRECIOUS LITTLE INNOCENTS! Unless children have another problem, they can get COV without a problem. At the same time, they are gaining natural immunity. That natural immunity will help stop this virus. It’s why the government won’t recognize natural immunity.

They’re also demanding vaccines without treatments (he’s rationing monoclonal antibodies now with a phony excuse). Fauci is a contemptible, fiendish, second-rate wretch of a man who makes nearly half a million dollars a year for being a bureaucrat. He’s a public servant Yet, he will retire on $350,000 a year with all his patents.


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