FBI had the pre-dossier report by Clinton associates in April 2016


President Trump ordered the declassification and release of the Crossfire Hurricane documents as he departed the White House. So far, the documents reveal that Christopher Wray objected to the release of the documents as late as January 17, 2021. There was nothing secret in them. The documents just made it clear that the Russia-Trump probe was a hoax. It confirmed the information we have seen and added some new information.

According to the January 2017 interview of the sub-source for the dossier, summarized in a 302, the sub-source was at one time the subject of an investigation himself. By January 2017, he disavowed to the FBI the dossier information as rumor and speculation.

Page 9 suggests separate research conducted on future Secretary of State and insight into what circles the sub-source moved in Washington DC.

The materials expose the origins of the Russia hoax.

Steele received this report from JON WINER [a close ally of John Kerry’s]. The report pre-dates the dossier and was produced circa April 2016. Steele advised that Cody Shearer, who developed one of the reports, was an associate of SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL [both Shearer and Blumenthal are close associates of Hillary Clinton].

Herridge writes on Twitter, “This 2017 FBI 302 (interview summary) for dossier author Christopher Steele is the most complete, with fewest redactions + apparently new revelations about how early oppo research began on Trump campaign.

“READ: “Company Note, dated 19 October 2016. This is the CODY Shearer and JON WINER report. Steele advised that this was not an ORBIS report. Steele received this report from JON WINER. The report pre-dates the dossier, and was produced circa April 2016. Steele advised that Shearer was an associate of SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL.”

The investigation began pre-April 2016. It was a complete fabrication based on gossip from the Kremlin.

The FBI knew the dossier was Hillary Clinton oppositional research. They must have been thrilled and surprised that this garbage was able to debilitate the President’s agenda.

It’s not likely the people who should be held to account will be.

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