FDA OKs Lab Food for People


The FDA approved lab-grown meat and say it is OK for human consumption. This is the corrupt organization that gave you fake vaccines.

According to the makers, they grow a cell from an animal, and meat tastes like meat, chicken tastes like chicken. The come-on is they don’t have to kill animals. And, of course, the climate crisis… It sounds like processed food on steroids.

Can you imagine what they might inject into it that we don’t want? Is it crazy to envision them one day mandating we eat it and banning most farms?

Between this and the insects, we’re good to go.

Lab grown cultured meat concept for artificial in vitro cell culture meat production

“Advancements in cell culture technology are enabling food developers to use animal cells obtained from livestock, poultry, and seafood in the production of food, with these products expected to be ready for the U.S. market in the near future,” Dr. Robert M. Califf, the FDA’s commissioner of food and drugs and Susan T. Mayne, director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), said in a statement.

“The FDA’s goal is to support innovation in food technologies while always maintaining as our first priority the safety of the foods available to U.S. consumers,” the statement added.

Upside Foods founder and CEO Uma Valeti said on Twitter that its cultivated chicken “was one step closer to being on tables everywhere.”

“UPSIDE has received our ‘No Questions Letter’ from the FDA,” Valeti tweeted. “They’ve accepted our conclusion that our cultivated chicken is safe to eat.”

Hopefully, this will go the way of most fake food. Perhaps, it will turn out great. It could, but then I listen to some of the things the globalists say, and I become concerned.

According to WEF’s favorite philosopher, Yuval Harari, we’re useless anyway. They’ll give us lab food, insects, and computer games. Why computer games? Isn’t television dumb enough?

They’ll inject us and surveil us. Lab food might make that easier?

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