WHO & WEF Unite


World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leader Dr. Vanessa Kerry gets a new job. She unites the WHO and the WEF in their world domination effort.

Vanessa Kerry becomes the first-ever World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Special Envoy for “Climate Change & Health.” She is John Kerry’s daughter.

The marriage of WHO and WEF through the Kerrys bodes poorly for the US and the world. President Klaus Schwab, the WEF Founder, is tied to the CCP and admires their system.

This is as the Chinese Communist-tied WHO is pushing a Pandemic Treaty that robs 194 nations of sovereignty. The US President plans to bring the treaty home. The US is a dues-paying member of the WHO, now WEF-affiliated under Biden.

“We are delighted to have Dr. Vanessa Kerry join WHO as our Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health. Her extensive experience and dedication to public health make her an invaluable asset in addressing the health consequences of climate change. Together, we will work towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General.

Secretary Kerry, Daughter Vanessa Meet With World Economic Forum Founder Schwab, Wife Hilde, Before Secretary Delivers Keynote Address at Annual Meeting in Switzerland
Her duties include:
  • Amplifying WHO’s climate and health messaging. Disseminating WHO’s crucial messages on the significance of climate change and health to influential figures and policymakers. The purpose is to ignite a widespread understanding and sense of urgency. Expect all the major US corporations to jump onboard.
  • Undertaking high-level advocacy for global impact.
  • Supporting WHO’s work. Engage in the work of global and regional organizations and national governments in line with WHO’s expert guidance. It sounds like an extension of WEF’s global young leaders program.
  • Fostering the adoption and adaptation of WHO’s recommendations. They’ll consider the unique contexts of local, national, and regional circumstances. That’s nice. They’ll consider our rules.
  • Providing strategic advice to the Director-General and decision-maker. Strengthening WHO’s position as a trusted and authoritative source of information and support, aligning with WHO’s own guidance. The WHO aligned with China and lied to us about coronavirus.
  • Help mobilize resources to advance the work of WHO, seeking out new partners and influential figures, including prominent personalities, recognizing their potential to lend their expertise and resources to amplify WHO’s initiatives.
Kerry founded SEED, which has trained 34,000 doctors.

According to WHO, “She has spoken and written about the effects of climate change on human health and health systems and the need to integrate a health-centered response into climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. Dr. Kerry is supporting the COP28 [CCP-tied]Presidency to shape the first-ever COP Day of Health and leading efforts to build advocacy around the impact of climate change on health and ensure equitable and just climate action. “

The new global world order is foisting the worst people in the world on the common man.

Just Like Her Dad:

China did a great job:

Masters of the World

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5 months ago

All these psychopaths need to be IGNORED.

5 months ago

The most powerful organization in the world, if allowed to make and enforce the decisions of the elitist. Everyone in the world should be worried about this.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
5 months ago

And as the rest of the world build an alliance, they simply nod and chuckle.