You’re Watching the End of the Global Financial System


The West has gone mad and it’s no less obvious than in the reaction to the Russian invasion. Visa is canceling credit cards, you can’t get to Russia Today without a VPN, Russian cats are banned from competitions, and Anna Netrebko, the famous opera singer, was kicked out of the Metropolitan Opera.

All these actions do is further the possibility of global war and provide a path for The Great Reset to take shape. They are not working as planned in that it won’t stop Putin. It’s great for virtue signaling, however.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has warned that China will now come up with alternatives to SWIFT after seeing Russia isolated. It is now clear to China and Russia that the West sees SWIFT as only a Western financial system. Putin is also currently working on an Asian-African alliance.

The West is committing financial suicide.

Corporations are making decisions for the future that isolate Russia and it will only isolate and hurt the West more in the long term.

China might now escalate its designs on Taiwan and a recent address by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang seems to confirm that concern.

Oblivious Kamala Harris told Ukraine to join NATO despite the fact that it violates the neutrality Ukraine agreed to in accordance with the 1991 Budapest Agreement.

We are watching the decline and fall of the world economy and it won’t be long before they all drop the dollar as the world’s currency. It will make the US poor overnight.

Cryptocurrencies won’t survive either. They won’t survive without energy and we need fossil fuels for that.

Welcome to The New World Order, courtesy of the fools running the world’s governments. Klaus Schwab, the progenitor of The Great Reset, will get even more than he planned.



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2 months ago

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said earlier this week at hearing on capital hill ” It’s Possible to Have More than One Reserve Currency in the World” ?????That is a shocking statement coming from the head of the Fed. why would he say that unless he knows some countries are going to give the U.S. the middle finger !!

2 months ago

What we are actually seeing is the collapse of the New World Order. The New World Order’s goal, the World Economic Forum’s Goal, was the control of all worldwide finances – a Monopoly on all Money. Now, over the next few years we should see the Destruction of Financial Monopolies and Trust, which have control of most of the Worlds Financial System, and we will see more Decentralized Finance. With more competition in Financial Markets we will begin to see the sweet heart deals to the Rich begin to evaporate. The Rich will not be able to hide their wealth as easily in one Country and spend it in another. Countries, especially smaller countries, will have more control of money flow allowing them to tax the Wealthy more easily. When countries can control their finances internally, the Rich and Powerful will not be able to move money around the world as easily or launder it. For the man in the street, finances should move to a more cash economy where Government’s will find it harder to track money internally. Government’s will find it much harder to track cash transactions making internal spying much harder. Basically, a Collapse of the New World Order’s Financial control will make movement of large amounts of wealth between countries harder for the Rich, but will also make monitoring of the Common Man internally harder for Governments. This is a good thing!

Klaus Schwab and the WEF will be much easier to watch when their money receives greater scrutiny, especially by smaller Governments. It won’t be so easy for the rich to set up “Swiss or Cayman” bank accounts with bribery money if it has to always flow into local bank accounts to be accessed. Far the Average International Traveler, it may make things less convenient. You will need to bring cash, traveler’s Checks, or even transfer funds to a local bank. In many cases your money will need to be converted into local currency at a local bank. Less use of Credit Cards across borders will be a good thing for everyone but the Money Manipulators when moving money across borders becomes more expensive since this will cause Business to Manufacture more in the Countries goods are sold. For America, it will mean companies will have to set up Shop in America again and hire American.

What Putin is actually doing is breaking up the New World Order Financial systems and by extension returning Financial Sovereignty to individual countries again. The use of Economic Warfare would then be much harder in the future. I suspect this was one of Putin’s goals from the beginning of his takeover of Ukraine, which had become a clearing house for “corrupt” financial transactions, by the Rich, Intel Agencies and Government Politicians. All you have to do is dig deep into the Biden Family Finances to see what has been going on in Ukraine, but they are not the only “Family” we should be looking into.

It’s not so much the West is committing financial suicide, it’s Europe that is committing Financial Suicide. The Euro has been in decline to the USD and Pound for almost a year now. Until Economic Sanctions, the Ruble was actually more stable than the Euro. The WEF saw the Euro as a replacement to the USD as a reserve Currency, but that never happened. I expect that Bitcoin or a Similar Crypto Currency will eventually became the Worlds Reserve Currency, but Nations will ban it’s use in commerce so it will become only an exchange currency between borders.

mean boy is the meanest
mean boy is the meanest
2 months ago

Globalist siren songs of Chairman Mao utopias will go up in smoke.
There is NO New Man and utopia is banished.
The Blue Meanie has a wrestling chair update for those who are off in SpongeBob unicorn land.

2 months ago

Like 700 million other people, I have my own theory about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

I believe this is a Russian/Chinese operation. Let me start with several premises.

Russia is strong and Ukraine is weak. The Russians could conquer Ukraine in a week. However, the Russians are falling behind. Why?

If Russia and China team up against the US and the West/NATO, China would want to separate the US from NATO. There are some in the US, not so much in the West, that want the US to jump in and help Ukraine. As the fight enters it’s 3rd week, we are getting more “war crime” stories. The call for getting in the fight is growing.

If Russia is so powerful, why is this invasion in it’s 3rd week? The Russians want people to encourage the US to come to the Ukraine’s rescue.

Where is China in all of this? If the US is tied up in Eastern Europe, they will not be able to come to Taiwan’s aid, if Taiwan, is attacked. And, the China/Taiwan fight won’t last weeks. There will be a communication/internet blackout. Followed by a utilities blackout. Followed by a 4 hour trip to dump 100,000 PLA fighters on Taiwan. Immediately followed by a naval blockade of the island. The end.

After this, Russia may decide to fall back to some defesible line in the Ukraine. Putin could choose to take it all or quit completely. The Ukraine was not about the Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, what happened? Some countries began to boycott Russian businesses. And, some companies began to boycott Russia. This is not how we are used to seeing events like this unfold. A more unified response is common.

So, Russia is in the Ukraine and there is a whole lotta boycotting going on. Now, China has Taiwan. What countries are going to boycott China? Now, what companies are going to boycott China?

The permutations could be quite lengthy.

Now, for the scary part of the story. What is Iran up to? Well, besides promising to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, they would like to be a major player in the oil business. Russia supplies Europe. Iran supplies China, Africa and South America. And, the US can supply itself, but only enough to keep country afloat.

Again, the permutations could be quite lengthy.

So, if I’m wrong about this, than the whole world is afraid of Russia and it’s do nothing military.

I think it’s more wrong to believe that China and Iran won’t take advantage of this.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago
Reply to  mikeinsa

The corrupt globalists/leftists/MIC/great reset people who control the USA want war with Russia and not China. That is consistent with your idea. Russia could get the security/regions it wants out of the situation and China also.

The Long March
The Long March
2 months ago

Or we are watching a Great Reset where the people who already own everything and have all of the money decide that they own us as well.
Pods in the Bidenville shanty favela while owning nothing and eating bugs?
Oh hell F’ NO!