Feds Open Another Probe Into Elon Musk – Weaponizing Government


The Democrat US government is putting Elon Musk through yet another probe over his purchase of Twitter. The SEC, DoJ, and FTC already have investigations going. In fact, the DoJ and SEC opened a probe of Tesla the same day he said he’d try to buy Twitter.

Instead of Mr. Musk, why don’t they go after George Soros? Black Lives Matter is buying all this real estate and he has given them millions. Maybe they’re laundering money for him.


The U.S. government has reportedly opened an investigation into Elon Musk’s business dealings surrounding his recent $44 billion purchase of Twitter.

“The Securities and Exchange Commission is probing Mr. Musk’s tardy submission of a public form that investors must file when they buy more than 5% of a company’s shares,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “The disclosure functions as an early sign to shareholders and companies that a significant investor could seek to control or influence a company.”

In case anyone is wondering, yes, this is petty, minor, and unimportant.

His April 4th disclosure filing was 10 days late and, according to them, it saved him $140 million.

The SEC doesn’t have the power to stop him from taking over Twitter. The FTC is also looking into Mr. Musk.

According to Charlie Gasparino, the SEC and Justice Department launched a joint investigation into a myriad of Musk regulatory issues primarily involving Tesla. They made the move the same day Mr. Musk said he’d attempt to buy Twitter.

Who isn’t looking into Mr. Musk? Surely the DHS could look into his citizenship status. Maybe the FBI SWAT could raid his home and drag him out in his underwear at 5 in the morning with guns drawn.

They obviously don’t have enough to do so we’d like to refer some criminals — Soros and Biden for openers.

Mr. Musk has a long history of feuding with the SEC, an agency that sued him in September 2018 over allegedly fraudulent statements he made on Twitter about having obtained funding to take Tesla private. Mr. Musk settled the case by paying a $20 million fine, giving up his role as Tesla’s chairman, and agreeing to have certain tweets about Tesla precleared by the company’s lawyers.

Mr. Musk said he was bullied into saying he lied when he didn’t. They also won’t stop requiring him to preclear his tweets. That’s an abuse of power.

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1 month ago

The SEC is just a Government Body to protect the “House”, i.e. Wall Street. The Stock Market is really nothing more than a Gambling House that is protected by Government because Wall Street has convinced the Government that Brokerage Houses are too big to fail. Well, back in 2008, they should have failed so they could be replaced by less corrupt entities.

In America, the Federal Government no longer works for The People. The US Government’s job today is protecting the Ultra Rich and Old Money.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 month ago

This is what these disgusting Marxists do. They harass and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them.

1 month ago
Reply to  Tim Shep

Great post. I totally agree.