Filibuster doesn’t go their way so CNN suggests a way to destroy it


The media and the Democrat Party they represent don’t say they will destroy the filibuster any longer. Now they say they are reforming it, as they bandy about various ways to corrupt the system.

In this CNN clip, John Avlon displays a graph pointing to filibuster ‘abused,’ but fails to mention most of the abuse came from the Democrat Party.

How clever he is.

Democrats always complain about the filibuster if it doesn’t go their way. Avlon continues the lie about the ‘talking filibuster‘ in the clip below.

As the minority party, Democrats used the filibuster 327 times last year, mostly to halt pandemic funds until after the November elections.

Currently, the Democrats are in power and they no longer want the filibuster since it keeps them from completely destroying our Constitution.

Avlon references the failed January 6th commission which is completely unnecessary and aimed at damaging Republicans in 2022 and probably 2024. The commission is unneeded since there are several internal investigations by Pelosi’s agencies and several Democrat committees are investigating the riot.

Democrats want only 51 votes to sustain a filibuster instead of 60, in other words, destroy it.

Watch as this far-left Democrat explains democracy:

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