Finally, one person in the mainstream media airs Hunter smoking crack


On his show Monday night, Newsmax’s Greg Kelly aired part of a zoom call of Hunter and Hallie Biden, Beau’s widow, arguing. As Hallie is trying to resolve a conflict with Hunter, he’s blathering dishonestly and taking a hit. President Biden’s son appears to be wholly self-absorbed and without much of a working conscience.

You should consider watching the clip on this link. It’s a brilliant side-by-side.

In any case, we finally see Hunter the crackhead discussed in the mainstream media. No one — NO ONE — else is showing this in the MSM.

Hunter, his uncle, and his father are completely compromised, doing business in foreign countries, including China. Hunter’s selling his artwork for three to four times more than some Picassos or Renoirs. He is meeting the buyers but Americans are not allowed to know who is buying these paintings. It sounds like he is selling influence since his paintings stink.

Mr. Kelly juxtaposed some of Donald Trump’s speech with Hunter behaving badly and it is stunning. As Mr. Kelly says here, the media harassed the Trump sons and daughter, but ignored this criminal Hunter — “it’s not fair.”


Go to 4:19 for the full DJT speech sans Hunter:

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