NATO Admiral Bauer Says We’re Prepared for Direct War with Russia


Admiral Rob Bauer is the 33rd Chair of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and he says America should be on a war footing in peacetime. Bauer also insists NATO is prepared for a direct confrontation with Russia.

When did politicians and military leaders get the okay from Americans to provoke war with Russia? I must have missed that.

Pravda reports per Yahoo:

In a recent interview, “Rob Bauer insists that NATO is prepared for a direct confrontation with Russia and admits that rearmament is the Alliance’s top priority. He also acknowledges that the organization has lost its monopoly on the military initiative.”

Bauer recalled that during the NATO summit in Madrid last year, the Alliance decided to establish four additional multinational battlegroups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

“This is an important signal for Russia… That we are prepared if they decide to go after NATO. This is a red line. If there is a red line, then it is the Russians crossing our borders,” the Chair of the NATO Military Committee said.

Bauer said that NATO countries ought to gear civilian industrial production to the needs of the military and expressed his support for the idea of a “war economy in peacetime”.

He added that he believes that Russia’s strategic objectives go beyond Ukraine, with Moscow wanting to claim the territory of the former Soviet Union.

We don’t know that.

The US and Germany are sending tanks to Ukraine, a new redline. Germany is sending tanks that can be equipped with silver bullets. This situation is so unnecessarily dangerous and should never have happened. It certainly should not continue.

These admirals and generals are out of control, but look who we have as a Commander-in-Chief. We have WOKE fools in charge – Kirby, Milley, Austin, and others.


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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 year ago

Another rear admiral directing peasants from his bunker. If satellites go dark, yer hooped.

As the West’s rhetoric becomes more frantic (and focused at their own populations), I assume Russia is meeting its objectives.

Aside, if there is a nuclear conflict, the thing I’ll probably miss the most is indoor plumbing.

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 year ago
Reply to  Reader mostly

Addendum… Ukraine’s defenses are depleted. They are relying on guerrilla tactics. Tanks (sitting ducks) are useless as frontal assault or defense without air and artillery support and infantry backup. Russia has employed a successful strategy of slow acquistion and retention. A large scale formation by Russia now would be an obvious intel target. I am guessing Russia has nearly achieved its supply corridor objectives and awaits retaliation from the western bloc/NATO.
To move a large formation or military column for further intrusion into Ukraine, Russia would have to cause disruption to orbiting electronic surveillance, at this point, or suffer losses from mobile strikes and guerilla tactics.
I think it more likely the west attempts to incite their own populations into retaliation. However, the public’s appetite is waning. The Western planners may attempt escalation through some covert incident/false flag on their own soil, but I do not think Russia wants to incite escalation and endanger a slow motion strategy that has been successful.
Threats of nuclear war are coming from both sides for different reasons. Russia is now taking a defensive posture to protect their gains, and NATO is making offensive gestures to save face.
My gut says Russia would prefer the conflict continue sporadically to wither NATO cohesion and resources, but I am also wary of the West’s proclivity for PR stunts.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Does ready for war mean expecting to be “victorious” midst the ravages of war, most of which will fall on civilians? In the past tat has not involved the homeland of the USA, but this is the missile age!!!
If the bottom line means that we must go to war to save our freedom, maybe we could just get on with a civil war. I am sure each sides believes it will win.
How many boys died just at Gettysburg? How much of the south was ravaged in Sherman march to the sea?
The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 just brought in foreign powers, testing their new weapons and battle techniques while civilian suffered.
By the way, what freedoms did the average Russian gain from The Russian Civil War 7 November 1917 — 16 June 1923?