“First evacuation of London since 1939,” Nigel Farage


“Congratulations Prime Minister and your experts, you have caused the first evacuation of London since 1939,” Nigel Farage wrote on Twitter. Apparently, Boris wants to follow in the image of Europe’s Great Resetters by destroying his capital city, leaving it a wasteland for the hard-left to fill.

Londoners are fleeing the tyranny. There are no jobs and no freedom for lockdowns that do not work.

As Katie Hopkins wrote on Parler, “Once the government controls all ‘jobs’, they have total control.”

Actually, the same holds true for health care. Once the government controls all “healthcare,” they have total control over each one of us.


Summary of an article by Katie:

Merkel went on German TV to start the full Christmas lockdown the day after she begged her people to be more careful.  She didn’t give them much time to be careful, but it was never more than a performance anyway.

She closed shops, schools, everything.

Christmas markets and New Year fireworks – gone, canceled, not this year.

All the European nations, targets of The Great Reset, ended Christmas. Spain only allows 10 people at Christmas celebrations, and that includes children. Greece is in solitary confinement. And there goes Austria too, with no restaurants or Christmas markets to make this tyranny bearable.

In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has slammed the country into a five-week lockdown ending on 20 January. They can’t even leave – non-essentially speaking – until March.

Lockdowns were supposed to flatten the curve, but now they are quite something else.

Prime Minister Rutte offered this consoling thought: “There will come a time when coronavirus will be behind us — when our lives will be normal again.

“It won’t be now, or in a week, or a month. But with the vaccine, 2021 will indeed be a year of hope and of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Expect forced vaccines if you plan to do anything ever again.

Italy will not have Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, people will not be allowed to leave their home towns, and there will be a curfew.

We can’t kiss, hug, or see our families. Bottom-feeding politicians told us so, and, still, people will vote them back into office.

France is in complete lockdown.

Biden says we will Build Back Better, but that’s hardly the case with lives and livelihoods ruined by oppressors we allowed to rule over us.

Prepare for The Great Reset where only the elite thrives and the middle class will not own property by 2030.

Katie shared this on Parler (Needless to say, Mr. lewop was suspended from Twitter):

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