FISA Court demands DOJ/FBI name targets of 29 corrupt spy applications


The FISA Court or FISC responded to the most recent report from the DOJ Office of Inspector General (OIG). The Inspector General wrote that he “has a lack of confidence” in the FBI’s ability to file spy warrants.

A review of a sampling of 29 FISA applications from eight field offices from 2015-on by the OIG found no [that’s none, zero, zilch, nada] surveillance/spy applications complied with the Woods procedures. In other words, not one supported the claims within the FISA warrants.

Depending on how they were used, those could get the cases thrown out. The evidence gathered illegally cannot be used.


Presiding Judge James Boasberg issued a FISC order Friday mandating the DOJ/FBI identify targets and explain what they did with the evidence fraudulently obtained.

The cases could be reopened.

Will all the FISA applications have to be examined? Should they be?

The OIG selectively picked the 29 applications from October 2014 to September 2019 to inspect them for accuracy.

The DOJ/FBI is still looking into the illicit Carter Page spy applications.


The results were  shocking, so shocking that the Inspector General produced an interim memorandum to alert the DOJ and FBI. The 17-page-memo notifies Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Chris Wray that every single one of the FISA processes used, in every field office, were grossly deficient, and in most cases there was no compliance whatsoever with FISA standards.

The DOJ and FBI have a DOJ National Security Division to double check these applications, and that too failed.

The error rate in the files undertaken by the internal accuracy review was over 93%.

The way they’re running the show is to take great liberties at the expense of the liberties of their targets. They can’t chalk all of these up to sloppiness and errors. It’s systemic. There has to be some level of disregarding rules to get what they want, unless there is some excuse. We will see.

The DOJ/FBI were the most premiere agencies in the world, or at least we thought they were.

This is a huge mess and it runs deep. The hardworking men and women in the field suffer the most in reputation and regard.



  1. Ya have to wonder which is worse, globalist republicans or globalist democrats. It’s obvious that this illegality and corruption has been going on for a long time.

    • And does anybody want to bet the illicit requests issued after Jan 2017 weren’t done by Obama loyalists and/or holdovers or at least Democrat leaning bureaucrats?

  2. Yes the Muller team numb nuts. Their all Republicans all 29 illegally spied. Trump win is cleaning out the filth he needs 4 more to clean this country up for the next 30 years

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