Flashback: Mueller Misleads the Public About the Boston Bomber Fail


It is the eve of the Mueller hearing redux and it is a great time to remember how dishonest the Democrat hero Robert Mueller is.

The nothing-but-impeccable Robert Mueller misled Congress about the Boston bombers. The FBI, which Mueller led at the time, received warnings from the Russians on two separate occasions and notified no one. It was massive information sharing failure.

It was a disgrace.

You might want to read about Mueller’s other failures on this link. As special counsel, he put innocent people through hell, wiping out retirements, and triggering nervous breakdowns, and a stroke in one case.

Rep. Gohmert did extensive research on Mueller’s easily-found history. As you hear the Democrats praising Mueller’s credentials tomorrow and listen to his ramblings, be aware of the massive failures in his past, including the cases of Whitey Bulger, Curt Weldon, Ted Stevens, Bill Clinton, national security letter abuses, Dr. Steven Hatfill, the framing of Scooter Libby, the purging of FBI materials, and more. (View on this link)

Mueller is a partisan who is always wrong.

h/t Derek Maltz

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