Food Fight in the Twitter Cafeteria: Bari Weiss and Elon Musk


Bari Weiss is the former New York Times reporter helping to decipher the Twitter files. She is having a bit of a disagreement with Elon Musk on Twitter. When did we stop picking up the phone to settle our differences? Not everything needs to be public.

Ms. Weiss wants the banned journalists who doxxed Elon Musk in real-time reinstated. When they doxxed him, a stalker ended up following the car his young child was riding in.

Musk said she’s virtue signaling. She does seem to be drawing a moral equivalence between a corrupt government and a short suspension on Twitter for doxxing the owner.

The Transcript

Bari Weiss tweeted:

“The old regime at Twitter is governed by its own whims and biases, and it sure looks like the new regime has the same problem. I oppose it in both cases. And I think those journalists who were reporting on a story of public importance should be reinstated.

“I have never been swayed by the ‘Twitter is a private company’ argument. And I’m left wondering, as I wrote yesterday. @TheFP, whether any unelected individual or clique should have this kind of power over the public conversation. You can read it here: Our Reporting at Twitter: the []

“I don’t need to dwell on how mesmerizing it is to watch those journalists who defended-even celebrated!-Twitter’s bans under the old regime under the guise of ‘safety’ now call it censorship. And say it infringes on freedom of expression. It did then as it does now.

“For a deeper conversation about this important issue, list to today’s episode of the@thehonestlypod with @RoKhanna:[she shares the link to the podcast.]

Elon Musk responded:

“What should the consequence of doxxing someone’s real-time, exact location be? Assume your child is at that location, as mine was.

“Bari, this is a real question, not rhetorical. What is your opinion?

“@bariweis @thehonestlypod and @RoKhanna

“Rather than rigorously pursuing truth. you are virtue-signaling to show that you are “good” in the eyes of media elite to keep one foot in both worlds.”

The so-called journalists doxxed him in real-time, knowing he was getting death threats, and they ended up getting a stalker following his child. Imagine if Bari Weiss’s child was stalked. How is this about free speech? The reporters tried to hurt him but without any accountability. In other words, they wanted to get someone else to hurt him. That’s just plain sick.

What do you think?

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11 months ago

Why choose a Liberal to speak the truth?

11 months ago

Is Bari on Elon’s payroll? Is she an employee of his or Twitter? If so; boot her!

11 months ago

Bari Weiss is a Jackass! She is the typical Liberal who is OK with using Media to try and get some Weak Willed Moron to do something she doesn’t have the “Balls” to do.

Doxxing people is not cool. We need to make it illegal to Stalk People especially electronically. You shouldn’t get a text every time you pass a restaurant or chain store you shop at. Your insurance company shouldn’t be allowed to have an app that tracks your driving; no one should be allowed to track your movements. Google shouldn’t be allowed to track your browsing history and sell data like that to anyone, especially the DNC. It should be absolutely Illegal to track anyone in Real-time without a warrant! Your information should be protected and if a company gives it out, loses it, sells it, etc. they should be sued and have to pay damages as a jury may see fit!

Only Political Speech should be no holds barred. Stalking and Doxxing must be made absolutely illegal as should protesting a private residence and trespassing. In fact, I’m all for a citizen using deadly force when a protester trespasses on their property; that type of Intimidation is Terrorism and the Only Good Terrorist is a Dead Terrorist! Police don’t stop these protestors from acting like Terrorist! The so called right to “Peaceably Assemble” at a private residence or Business is a bit of a stretch for the 1st Amendment.

Reporters have no more rights than an individual under the Constitution. Since the Federal Government isn’t willing to Police Technology and the Press, the States have to do this. All to often, Reporters get it wrong and put people’s lives and livelihood in danger. The Constitution protects Religious Expression, Editorial Comment, and Political Speech, not all Speech.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

Doxxers she always be banned from all media. It is effectively aiding and abetting crimes. People have a right to privacy.
Doxxing falls into the tradition definition of yelling fire in a crowded room is no free speech. Freeing speech demands responsibility from the perpetrators.