Important Report on Russia Under Sanctions


A Rebel News reporter, Jeremy Loffredo, traveled to Russia to see how the economy is faring and how the people feel about the war. You might find the report surprising.

US involvement in Ukraine is escalating rapidly. As we reported, the US is sending Patriot long-range missiles to Ukraine. In March, Secretary Austin said we weren’t going to send missiles that would reach Russia because US personnel would have to operate them. Now, they are no longer worried, and we are sending the missiles.

Russians warned that there would be repercussions if US military and Patriot missiles ended up in Ukraine. They will be targets. Russia plans to bomb them out of existence. They are even readying nuclear ICBMs.

Adam Schiff actually said the risk is growing, but it can’t deter us from unqualified support for Ukraine. Schiff is a congenital liar, and Tucker wondered why he is suddenly running the show.

The report suggests the war is a lie and it is not a noble war.

According to the report Tucker below, Russia isn’t suffering. Only the West is suffering from the sanctions. The ruble is doing fine, and they have food and fuel.

The West wants regime change in Russia, but it’s not happening. According to Rebel News report by Jeremy Loffredo, the Russian currency is doing well, their supermarkets are full, and the people aren’t suffering. If you watch the clip below, Mr. Loffredo said there won’t be any regime change in Russia. He interviewed Russians and said he found three groups of people on his visit to Russia. The first group is Russian patriots, and they fully support the nation. The second group opposes sanctions because they miss Netflix or want to go on vacation. The third group doesn’t even notice what is happening.

Watch this report on Russia’s economy and do what you will with it:

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