Foreigners Might Be Buying Democrat Seats with Laundered $$$


As reported on March 29th, James O’Keefe of OMG Media Group has uncovered what looks like a Democrat election scam with laundered money, possibly from foreigners. Act Blue appears to use donors’ names for small donations without the donor’s knowledge. But it’s no small potatoes. Together with Election Watch, O’Keefe has uncovered $4.7 million of these types of donations made to Act Blue.

The scam caught their attention because the million dollar donors are mostly elderly.

One of the biggest recipients of the small amounts of donations was Janet for Justice, the campaign of far-far-left Janet Protasiewicz, who narrowly won her Wisconsin Supreme Court race, tipping the balance on the court in favor of Democrats.

They have been going house-to-house after they uncovered 11,000 suspicious donations.

Concept for money laundering

The concen is that this is more than campaign finance laws, identity theft, and possible money laundering, but potential elder abuse. Worse yet, Election Watch suspects foreign special interests are involved since the small amounts correlate to currency exchange differences. The strange contributions totaled $4.7 million which can be seen on the FEC website.

If the money is laundered from countries like China, Russia, Iran, you can imagine why they might want Democrats to win.

One canvasser said he attempted to talk to a Smurf [donor] and could not get a response since they’re now being warned. You can imagine the lies the donor was told. In that case, they should leave the information on their door or hand it to them.

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10 months ago

Got some bad news for ya’…nikki’s REAL name is nimrata randhawa, and has a RABID hatred of whites as a caste brahman…
She needs to hang for the statures in S, Carolina.

Last edited 10 months ago by Htos1av
10 months ago

Ya Think! Democrats have been getting Laundered Money from Foreigners, much of which orginated as Taxpayer money for Decades. At least since the Bill Clinton.

Last edited 10 months ago by GuvGeek
Mike Anstrom
Mike Anstrom
10 months ago

Trial, conviction, and execution is appropriate in this case for ALL defendants.