Former Obama officials tell Iran to ‘hang on’ until 2020 when Trump loses


The sanctions are putting a great deal of pressure on Iran, and their people are rising in protest. However, Iran isn’t backing down militarily, possibly because they have support in the Democrat Party.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed that support in a recent interview, claiming former Obama officials are meeting with Iranian leaders, undermining the President.

The Secretary has said this before but — mysteriously — no one is pursuing charges against the offenders.


Mr. Pompeo accused members of the Obama administration of undermining President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran by telling the Iranians to “just hang on” until Trump loses in 2020.

“I’ll be straight up with you,” Pompeo says in an interview for the American Enterprise Institute’s national security podcast “What The Hell Is Going On?,” co-anchored by Dany Pletka and Marc Thiessen, “you have folks who served in the previous administration who are telling the Iranian leaders today, ‘Just hang on.”

“President Trump will lose in the election in November, and we’ll go back to appeasement. America will write you a big check, we’ll underwrite your terror campaign around the world, we’ll give you a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon system. Just wait until the Trump administration is finished.’”

There have been media reports that Sen. Diane Feinstein had the Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif’s number on her cell phone. John Kerry was caught meeting with him in Paris, which backs up Pompeo’s comments.


In September 2018, Pompeo blasted the former Secretary of State John Kerry, for engaging in secret talks with Iran, undermining the administration.

He said he would leave “legal determinations to others” but slammed Kerry for engaging with “the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror” and telling Iran to “wait out this administration.”

The secretary of state harshly criticized Kerry for “actively undermining” U.S. policy on Iran by meeting several times recently with the Iranian foreign minister, his partner in the Iran nuclear deal.

The Obama administration set up a shadow government. Obama never really left.

Kerry met with high-level Iranian counterparts in May 2018.

On May 7, 2018, Fars News agency confirmed that Kerry met with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif two weeks before to salvage the deal.

The covert meetings were rather public. There were lots of photos of them dining together.

The Iranian officials who met with Kerry.

Zarif is in charge of all the terrorism and attacks.

Secretary Pompeo says John Kerry is guilty of violating the Logan Act. He has left it to others to decide on charging these people, but nothing has happened.

It has emboldened Iran.

First Came the Threats

Iran is threatening the United States. According to Fars News, the Iranian state media outlet, the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami said that Iran does not fear the U.S. threats and is ready to defeat it again.

“The Iranian nation has not started war in the past incidents, but it annihilates any aggressor, and the U.S. is aware of this,” General Salami said, addressing a gathering in the Southwestern city of Ahvaz on Thursday.

“We are powerful and ready for defeating the US several other times, and we are not worried about the U.S. threats, and it is they who should be worried.”

Attack on Baghdad Airport

They attacked Baghdad Airport Thursday, and at least seven are dead.

According to Reuters, Iran has fired four rockets into Baghdad Airport. One missile hit a building used by the U.S.-led Coalition; a second hit the military airport’s runway, a third missile hit the Iraqi CTS center, and a fourth one hit the airport’s outside road.

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3 years ago

Kerry might want to be careful hooking up with these Iranian goofballs, never know when the next surprise airstrike will take place!!!!!!!

Alex Castro
Alex Castro
3 years ago

I cannot believe that former Obama’s officials tell Iran to hang on until Trump loses the election of 2020. Democrats dealing with the enemy. Damn traitors. They’re nothing but evil.

RLA Bruce
3 years ago

Leftists worry about Trump’s nonexistent, imaginary collusion with Russia, while ignoring blatant, outright treason among Dems? When do the hangings start? I want to open the trap door!

3 years ago

I want to know why Kerry and Diane Feinstein are not in jail for breaking the Logan Act? WTF is going on?

Linda Krauss
Linda Krauss
3 years ago

Why are these idiots above the law? They both should be arrested for violating the Logan Act. No double standard for justice!