Former Rep Katie Hill explains why her sins are everyone else’s fault


Throupling {threesomes] ex-congresswoman admitted to George Stephanopoulos that it was a mistake to have a sexual relationship with a staffer. Her mistake, she said was not setting boundaries from the beginning. She was just a newbie, she said, excusing her behavior.

Katie Hill had a threeway affair with a female staffer and her husband. She left them both to take up with a young male staffer. People who know her well say she is a heavy drinker and drug imbiber.

Hill blames her husband for spreading the lies and portrays herself as a victim who was not involved in porn and who did nothing wrong. He vehemently denies it. The divorce papers do not allege Hill’s charges made publicly.

She also blamed her failure on being a woman and bisexual. When she left office, she blamed Republicans.

Nowhere in her interview does she admit fault.

Stephanopoulos did not question anything she said and praised her afterward.

The truth is Katie Hill did it to herself and hurt a lot of people. She has never offered a sincere apology. It is ironic that she railed against Justice Kavanaugh, against whom there was no evidence, and she is the real #MeToo.

She made the right call by stepping down, Hill said. What she leaves out here is Pelosi told her to step down. But in the interview, she pretends she decided to do it out of her great moral beliefs.


The husband of a former staffer for Katie Hill was arrested Friday on charges that he hacked the campaign website of one of Hill’s political opponents in 2018.

Arthur Dam, 32, is married to Kelsey O’Hara, a fundraiser for Hill’s campaign who also worked for her on Capitol Hill.

An FBI complaint filed in federal court in California on Wednesday accused Dam of staging four cyber attacks in April and May 2018 against a candidate identified as Bryan Caforio, a Democrat who ran against Hill in the 2018 primary for California’s 25th congressional district.

Caforio lost to Hill by fewer than 3,000 votes in the primary. She went on to defeat incumbent Republican Rep. Steve Knight in the general election.

A CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles was first to report Dam’s arrest. The Intercept reported Dam’s link to Hill’s campaign.

It was to help her no doubt. Did she know?

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