Former US Attorney Strongly Criticizes Mueller’s Statement Today


Robert Mueller made some astounding statements today, basically accusing the President of crimes while saying he didn’t have “sufficient evidence” to charge. The former special counsel said he couldn’t charge the sitting President if he wanted to charge.

Specifically, he said, “The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse the President of wrongdoing,” eluding to the fact that they could not formally charge a sitting president with a crime. Mueller told the media, “If we had confidence he did not commit a crime we would have said so. We did not, however, have confidence that the president did not commit a crime.”

That is such a crock. If he found sufficient evidence that the President intended to lie, hide evidence, conspire with Russia, he would have moved ahead. Mueller didn’t have the evidence.

Thanks to Mueller’s colored remarks, Democrats are blowing up all over the Internet, demanding impeachment. Fake Republican Justin Amash is calling for impeachment.

Former assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy told Fox News that Mueller’s statement was “explosive.”

“We’re going to be talking about impeachment from now for the foreseeable future. McCarthy continued, ‘What Mueller said, which runs against what we have heard up until now, but was certainly suggested in his report, was that the office of legal counsel guidance was essentially the reason why they didn’t make a conclusion about obstruction.”

McCarthy refuted that saying, “On the legal merits of that, I think he’s completely wrong. I think it was his responsibility to make a decision about whether there was a prosecutable case, and then it would have been up to the attorney general and the Justice Department to decide whether to invoke the guidance or not that says that a sitting president can’t  be indicted.”

Fox New’s Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume agreed with Andrew McCarthy saying there was nothing he said today that wasn’t in his report.

Hume added that Mueller was on a “fool’s errand” from the beginning if Mueller thought as he said that he couldn’t charge the President no matter what.



    • herbert r Richmond, Greg, I totally agree 100%, this is BS beyond belief, AG Barr and John Durham better drop the hammer on this attempted coup,Mulehead just threw more cheese for the rats to chew on today!!!!

  1. When Trump complained about a “conflict of interest” with Mueller, and that would affect the process, he certainly was proved correct today. The pettiness of Mueller today will undoubtedly be a stain on Mueller forevermore.

  2. The foolishness of Mueller as characterized by Hume far exceeds what Hume said. It includes highly unethical behavior, and illegal behavior such as the destruction of text evidence.

    McCarthy has been so far behind on the scandals, but at least indicates an understanding which Trump hater Hume can never have.

    Will the Trump team ever take the offensive? Do they have the courage and leadership to do so? The only time that can happen is now. Or do they just continually allow attack after attack and do nothing?

  3. We should recall This isn’t the First time that Mueller has injected himself into current events. How many times has it been when the President is gaining ground that Mueller has come out with something to cause a media explosion. In this case, poll numbers are increasing and the talk of impeachment was becoming politically hazardous. For “some” unknown reason Mueller is “obsessed” with seeing to it that the President will never come out on top. Today proved that conclusively.

  4. The “insufficient evidence” is being used as a talking point by many in the news as the ‘predicate’ to going forward. The Reason it’s insufficient is simply because Mueller was Not prevented in any way, in his investigation. He was given virtually all he asked for. All the “charges” in the report would Only have merit if some kind, any kind, of hindrance to the investigation would have happened.

    The reason they included those ‘charges’ is the same reason the very broad interpretation of 1512(c)(2). The relevant part that is literally Stripped out of that statute is,

    “(2) otherwise obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so”.

    This single sentence is the ‘predicate’ for Mueller’s Entire argument. It would mean even a twitter post by the President is obstruction, by which the Special Counsel “did” include, among many other superficial nonsense. This means that Whatever the President does IS, in essence, impeachable during that investigation. It is also why the investigation was neverending and would have continued even through a second term. Any action by the President, whether personal or official, would be used as ‘evidence’. It is as Nadler said, “other wrongdoing”. Mueller and the Democrats wanted to use Everything the President does in office as impeachable, and many have specifically stated that. Notice there is little outrage by even those speaking against Mueller.

  5. For some time the Democrats have been attempting to criminalize their opponents in political arena. We have now a culmination of that endeavor. With Mueller’s statement today it has given ammunition to the weaponizing of politics. This “impeachment referral” by Mueller is the first step in codifying the criminalizing of politics. This is even More dangerous than the investigation and the report itself. We have Now entered a culture where one party will weaponize any and all political differences. This is a dangerous precedent indeed.

  6. Now Barr strolls off it the sunset with a pocket full of cash..While Democrats scream Impeachment…Pathetic…#VOTETRUMP2020 and have the Democrats scream even more…

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