Fossilized Joe attempts to talk about restaurant revitalization


In the clip below, Joe Biden reads from a teleprompter on the “Restaurant Revitalization Fund. Joementia Biden doesn’t really know what he is saying and is a puppet for the Obama 3rd term. He is a figurehead. Kamala Harris is the Obama appointee who will take over to some degree when he leaves. The Obamas love her but she got 0% in the Dem primary.

Thanks to the press, Biden is fooling many Americans. If you look at his schedule, he does nothing. Here are the schedules for March and April.

Having worked with children of all ages for three decades, it appears to me that Joe’s fossilized mental state puts his comprehension somewhere around middle school much of the time. It should be obvious. While the people behind the curtain keep him hidden much of the time, there are times he must come out to read off his huge teleprompter. he also uses earpieces.





  1. Who cares about restaurants? It is time this country starts producing their own medicines, computer chips, refrigerators, … and stop building up China’s military by buying their products.

  2. Comrade Chairman plays Super Mario Kart (legacy) and will build the golden New Man Wakandatopia.
    It signs the orders with its auto pen or else it gets the stairs again.
    Yes we can! Forward!

  3. He can’t read the words off a teleprompter! And he doesn’t even know what he’s reading. He looks so confused. North Korean and Chinese leaders are no doubt watching him and plotting against us.

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