Fox News meteorologist says Cuomo is too powerful to be held accountable


Far-left New York Governor-King Andrew Cuomo is “too powerful and too feared” to be held accountable, according to Fox News’ Janice Dean.

Mrs. Dean is Fox’s senior meterologist who lost two in-laws to the virus and she blames Cuomo’s terrible policies during the virus crisis. She said she was told privately by reporters and others that he can’t be held to account.

“I have received texts, emails, and DMs from people (some reporters) who say that Cuomo is too powerful and too feared in New York, that he will never be held accountable for his terrible (and deadly) orders during this pandemic – no matter how glaring the evidence…

“You can tell during his interviews and press conferences — his indifference, bully behavior and lack of empathy shows he knows most won’t go after him. But I will keep going against the giant Cuomo machine. Because I have to. I owe it to my family and my husband’s parents.”

[I have often said he is like a Mafia Don and he is. It is horrible here in New York. It has never bern like this before.]

King Cuomo is a complete fraud.

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