Fox News Ratings Collapse


The rankings are in for Fox News, and the network certainly did underestimate the fallout from firing Tucker Carlson.  They face a total collapse. Reportedly, Murdoch’s son Loughlin had to show him who the boss is. Well, we know who, it was Tucker. Tucker’s five roughly 10-minute monologues on Twitter have garnered more than 323 million views as of this evening.

Fox faces a total collapse. The Friday rankings are in, and Fox News Tonight is barely bringing in 100,00 in the 18-54 age group. Really shocking is Hannity falling behind Joy Reid.

Ingraham was in 24th place.


Greenwald tweeted, “It’s so clear Fox’s firing of Tucker was not just financially driven, bereft of the Murdochs’ and Paul Ryan’s ideological goals. Firing Tucker destroyed its prime-time ratings. There’s no argument Tucker’s twice-a-week Twitter postings compete with Fox. They want him silenced.”

Fox may want him silenced, but if they sue him, it will get a lot worse.

Fox is losing good people, and from what Alex McCaskill – the fired chyron producer – says the three leftist women left behind aren’t going to do anything for Fox.

Author Chadwick Moore, Tucker’s biographer, said, “My sources have now told me *NINE* former Tucker Carlson Tonight staffers have left Fox News to join Tucker on his next venture. There are others who are waiting to leave as soon as a role opens up for them with Tucker. Each of the 9 approached Tucker, not the other way around.”

Bret Baier received a fleeting increase with the Donald Trump interview, but it is fleeting.

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