Fox’s meterologist’s husband lost both parents to COV & Cuomo


Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking a lot of heat for bragging about the wonderful job he is doing with COVID-19. He even put together a childlike poster portraying him as a hero.

New York state seeded the nation with the virus. The state had over 32,000 deaths and 6500 of those were people in nursing homes who died only because of his policy.

New York State has the worst coronavirus numbers in the world. The mortality rate in New York is significantly higher than any city in any country in the world.

Janice Dean on Wednesday night spoke with Brian Kilmeade on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss Cuomo’s latest boasting about New York’s coronavirus response.

She said her husband lost both of his parents. His mom, Dee, in an assisted living facility and his dad in a nursing home. They weren’t even in the same nursing home. They died of coronavirus alone.

“We never had a funeral. we never had a wake. We weren’t able to see them before they died. And to see Governor Cuomo on television just this last week talking about his love life and this disgusting poster that is basically a depiction of the 32,000 people who died. It’s not funny. It’s tone-deaf. And it makes my heart hurt because we’re still mourning our loved ones. And we think part of the reason is because Governor Cuomo allowed over 6,000 COVID patients into nursing homes.”

They seeded the nursing homes and the illness went through like wildfire. He knew, we all knew, they were the diseases target population.

Janice told Brian Kilmeade she will attend the hearings next month on the New York nursing home COVID crisis.


CNN’s Jake Tapper and Sanjay Gupta even criticized Cuomo harshly.

Here’s the poster and, of course, ‘Love Wins.’ Yeah, he really loved those elderly in nursing homes.

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