Framework for the Fundamental Transformation to Be Presented at 9 am


Figurehead President Joe Biden is visiting Democrats in their 9 a.m. caucus meeting to announce a framework for their reconciliation bill.

They still don’t have every Democrat on board.

The goal of the announcement, Fox News is told, is to convince progressives [communists] who are blocking the infrastructure bill to allow it to pass — but it’s not clear if that will work.

There is still no legislative text for the reconciliation bill.

The Reconciliation bill is about $1.7 to $1.9 trillion but it’s a Trojan Horse. As the New York Post explained in their analysis, it’s really a $7.5 trillion bill over ten years but they have sunset clauses on the giveaways to make it seem cheaper. In reality, they know no one will dare cancel the free stuff. It’s full of accounting tricks that have helped balloon our debt and our welfare programs. Given the current state of inflation, this bill will make it worse.

The bill will do nothing to solve the supply crisis or help citizens.

This is the lure to fundamentally transform the country without firing a shot – free stuff that we can’t possibly afford. The seven hundred billionaires can’t and won’t pay for this and it will almost immediately destroy the rest of us.

The bill is intended to make us into a welfare state with open borders.

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