Frank Luntz showed Gov Whitmer how to sell her Draconian COV fiats


Judicial Watch has received a lengthy FOIA release. They were interested in the departure of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon from his position and FOIA’s his emails.

As it happens, the release contained emails showing Gordon and Governor Whitmer using guidance from pollster Frank Luntz, who likes to pretend he’s neutral.

Our House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rents a room in Luntz’s house. Luntz is also a friend of Joe Biden’s and other unsavory characters.

Basically, Luntz was helping Gretchen Whitmer construct the wording used to manipulate the Michigan citizenry into buying the COVID propaganda.

Luntz was condemning far-Left Democrats like Whitmer in 2019.


Judicial Watch: […] Much of the Luntz Report deals with wordsmithing. A table in the report categorizes words as “Words to Use” and “Words to Lose.” For example, use “protocols” and lose “orders & decrees;” use “social distancing” and lose “physical distancing.” Another Luntz recommendation is to “Call It the Pandemic,” based on his surveys that found the word “pandemic” is “more significant, serious, and scary” than the alternatives “COVID-19” and “The Coronavirus.”

Luntz surveyed 1100 people and found a “chasm” between Republicans and Democrats on COV. He said they “think and act differently in every possible way.” He tested words, phrases, and so on.

Luntz offered these insights for the pair based on his findings:

    • Nothing scares GOPers more than an IRS audit‚ except testing positive for COVID.
    • Despite vocal criticism from President Trump, President-elect Joe Biden was rewarded, not punished for “staying in his basement” for two months.
    • There are only two trusted organizations and people – the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci. No one else is close. And don’t forget to utilize survivors of Covid as well. Congress also lacks credibility.
    • If you want Republican buy-in, you must make the case that the science is settled and that everyone now agrees.
    • “Say “Public,” Not “Government”
    • MORE

She was a vice-presidential prospect at one point, but the toxic culture she set up in Michigan wasn’t helpful to her cause. And, who could compete with Kamala Harris? Kingmakers, the Obamas, always wanted her. They touted her all over Netflix and in interviews.

American’s interests are not served in government and it’s getting harder to know who’s on what side. However, the power, courage, enthusiasm is with the Democrats and their newfound hard-Left ideology. Republicans aren’t going to do a thing about any of this.

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