Fredo battles stupidly with Evangelical author over voting for Trump


Fredo, aka Chris Cuomo, who believes in killing babies to the moment of birth despite what his religion tells him, told Evangelical author Eric Metaxas he shouldn’t vote for Trump for religious reasons.

Antifa-loving Catholic Cuomo spoke in circles and kept losing the point, which is he who lives in glass houses should shut the hay up. The other point he missed is that the alternative for Evangelicals is to vote for baby killers who want to put religion under the government jackboot.

The bottom line is Evangelicals were afraid of a Hillary Clinton presidency and Mr. Metaxas explained why.

“Something happened to the Democratic Party over the last 30 years,” Metaxas said. “It’s not the party that we grew up with, it’s not the party that it was in FDR’s day. It has gone so far Left that, in a way, if you want somebody who let’s say respects the Constitution and is going to appoint originalist judges — not conservative judges — originalist judges who will call balls and strikes, at that point, your only hope is to have a president with the GOP. Now that’s a serious issue.”

Metaxsis is concerned about religious liberty. “In a country that no longer prizes religious liberty, you begin to lose all your liberties.”

The fact that Obama had Evangelicals on the FBI terror watch list didn’t help win them over.

This interview was supposed to be about the Christianity Today article written by a Progressive Evangelical who wants the President removed from office because he says he is immoral. Cuomo avoided that conversation because he knows it’s easily debunked.

It takes a lot of gall for Fredo to criticize someone else not following his religion in a way Fredo deems appropriate when Fredo himself is all in on the baby-killing thing. Of course, Fredo rationalizes that stupidly.

The last point, judge not, lest ye be judged by those very standards ye have set.


Remember when Fredo said communism is so uplifting?


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