FTX Dude’s Not in Jail! He’s Speaking at NYT BookDeal Instead


“How did this dude steal billions of dollars and is now speaking at a summit as a free man? Make it make sense.” Why isn’t he in the slammer?

SBF, Sam Bankman Fried, who had what looks like a massive multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme empire and lost it in a day is attending the New York Times BookDeal Summit on November 30th. He’s available since HE’S NOT IN THE SLAMMER!

The Times can’t wait to interview him. Let’s hope police are standing by with a tape recorder, handcuffs, and a paddy wagon outside to take him to the slammer.

The 29-year old will be appearing alongside Larry Fink, a prominent WEFer (World Economic Forum) and chairman and CEO of BlackRock, Reed Hastings, Netflix founder and CEO, Andy Jassy, Amazon.com’s president and CEO, kooky  WEFer Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, aka George Washington, who is itching to start World War III.

What a bunch of derelicts. They’re all involved in the World Economic Forum in one way or another.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the failed FTX CEO and mega-Dem donor, is participating in a New York Times BookDeal and he is not in jail.

`Twitter User, WSBChairman

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz is among those echoing that “why is he not in jail?” question, given his firm doesn’t expect to recover some $77 million in cash and digital assets it had in FTX when the whole enterprise fell apart. “I think his day will come,” he said Wednesday in an interview, according to Market Watch.

This is a big hit as you can well imagine. Twitter blew up with all the well wishers who hope to see him in the slammer.

Don’t forget, we are all susceptible to Gell-Mann Effect! Democrats want to memory-hole this. They can probably do it because the media has been kind and the story is disappearing. His girlfriend is running around with $2 billion and his other orgy friends are free.

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6 months ago

Sounds like a huge money laundering scheme to me

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 months ago

Does anyone need more evidence that the democrat party is a crime syndicate that controls almost every institution in the USA?

When a criminal is caught laundering money for democrats, the media protect him, make him a celebrity,