GA candidate Jon Ossoff took $$$ from the CCP and hid it


Even after several controversial payments to Jon Ossoff’s foreign film company surfaced in September, including one from a Chinese-backed media giant, the far-left Georgia Democrat refused to release additional financial documents from the company.

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Ossoff declined the outlet’s request to “release further financial information” relating to his company. He said that “the particulars of our annual finances are confidential.”

Months before, Ossoff quietly disclosed receiving at least $5,000 from PCCW, a Hong Kong-based media corporation owned in part by the Chinese Communist Party.

The report notes that Ossoff left the PCCW payment out of his May candidate financial disclosure, then two months later, he reported it in a revised filing. That was only after his opponent David Perdue called him out for it.


Jon Ossoff rose to fame as an “up-and-coming local politician” who ran in a special election in Georgia. He said he had an intelligence clearance and was knowledgeable based on his work for members of Congress.

Hollywood money poured in, and the media promoted him as another next JFK after goofball Beto failed to make the grade. Though Ossoff lost, he had so much money still in his coffers. The media claimed his loss showed that he had a great future.

Then Ossoff started receiving money from an anti-democracy media company in China. The money poured through Ossoff’s “documentary film” company that supposedly made documentaries about government corruption.

Based in Hong Kong, the Chinese media company had become stridently opposed to the Hong Kong freedom protest movement. The Chinese Communist Party-backed it.

Earlier this year, Ossoff refused to disclose his financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and only after Republican Senator David Perdue kept raising the issue did Ossoff amend his financial filings.


This fits China’s compromise and espionage pattern.

They found an up-and-coming political figure “who had the potential to make it big on the national stage.” They started funding his career and rise to power. They did it through third-party companies indisputably tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

He could be another Eric Swalwell who was compromised by a Chinese spy for years. She fundraised for him and helped advance his career. Swalwell happens to sit on the Intelligence Committee. Ossoff claims he had an intelligence clearance, a big enticement for the CCP.

Additionally, the Chinese are not always out to get classified information.

From Axios: Private but unclassified information about government officials — such as their habits, preferences, schedules, social networks, and even rumors about them — is a form of political intelligence. Collecting such information is a key part of what foreign intelligence agencies do.

There’s no spy that we know of associated with Ossoff. But there are payments from Chinese Communists to his company. China obviously sees a future in Jon Ossoff, a far-left Democrat.


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jack johnson
jack johnson
3 years ago

The GOP is sunk….the illegal ballots have already been sent. Without a complete overhaul of the counting system it`s all over. The GOP is complicit in the steal.

Election fraud has been front and center for all of 2020, yet no provisions were put in place to prevent it….why???

3 years ago

As the presidential election proved (especially in GA) the support a candidate has, or lacks, has nothing to do with winning. They’ve already decided that Ossoff has won. The Democrat Party will simply make sure he’s got enough votes to make it official–especially since control of the Senate will give Dems the trifecta (White House, House…and Senate). The extra ballots are already filled out and waiting in suitcases.

Tom Kraft
Tom Kraft
3 years ago
Reply to  D3F1ANT

GA is a clown show and should be kicked out of the Union…can’t even hold a respectable election.

Won't Get Fooled Again
Won't Get Fooled Again
3 years ago

He has his fingers crossed behind the back just hoping that comrade kommissar Xi Biden (CCP) will get across the line so that it can all be swept away.
Clueless quislings aren’t bright enough to know that there is nowhere to escape to and that all sides loathe traitors.