GA Heartbeat Law OK’d – Choice Begins Pre-Pregnancy to the Heartbeat


The heartbeat law can go into effect in Georgia. That is the opinion of a Georgia Court of Appeals. There are concerns about this taking effect at about six weeks into a pregnancy, but they still have a choice and it began before pregnancy.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit provided the opinion on Wednesday. The Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org., “makes clear that no right to abortion exists under the Constitution, so Georgia may prohibit them.”

The law takes effect immediately, according to Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.

Circuit Court Chief Judge William Pryor wrote that the ruling in that case “makes clear no right to abortion exists under the Constitution, so Georgia may prohibit them.”

The 2019 Georgia law bans most abortions when there is a “detectable human heartbeat.”

The law provides exceptions for rape and incest and when the mother’s life is at risk or a serious medical condition renders a fetus unviable.

The law also says personhood legally begins as soon as cardiac activity is detected, meaning mother can claim income tax deductions on children. Previously, women in Georgia could seek an abortion up to 20 weeks. Their choice is limited considerably.

Some of the Twitter comments were interesting:

An abortion is a medical procedure between a woman & her doctor. The Law should not enter into it, anymore than it can in the removal of an appendix or a gall bladder.


Imagine being mad about women not killing their babies?

The Left is livid. They want every state to do as they say. These are the same people who are angry about the Good Samaritan who risked his well-being to stop mass shooter. He engaged the killer with his legal gun instead of fleeing.


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1 year ago

Since the Constitution makes no mention of Abortion, it is a Right reserved to the States. If Liberals want to change this put forth a Constitutional Amendment. Good Luck! (LOL) If Bodily Autonomy is an enalienable right, then the Government can not mandate any vaccination. Big Pharma will never allow this!