DC Residents Welcome Immigrants (Illegal Aliens)


Residents of DC welcome the illegal aliens bussing in from Texas and Arizona, although they shared concerns about not having an agreement. However, the business of having an agreement doesn’t fly since no one works out any deals with Texas or Arizona. People in DC aren’t given proper information. They should know that Joe Biden is flooding Texas and Arizona way beyond capacity.

Despite Mayor Bowser not putting out the welcome mat, the DC residents don’t have a problem with illegal aliens piling in. However, one resident said she’s fine with it if they earn their way. Lots of luck with that. By and large, they don’t speak English, aren’t educated, and many are criminals.

They are doing it to turn the states from red to deep blue. It’s not a conspiracy theory. They’ve said they’re doing it. At other times they deny it.

Unfortunately, the residents aren’t concerned that the “immigrants” are flooding in illegally.


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