Gemini AI, Famous for Black George, Picks Human Targets to Kill


The people who gave you black George Washington are picking out human targets to kill.

Google Gemini’s image generator made almost everyone black while claiming inclusivity. From the Founding Fathers to Vikings to celebrities, all white people, Gemini AI transformed them into black people. Google Gemini has another project that is more insidious than this. They target human beings for airstrikes.

Taibbi received a note about the Bloomberg story earlier this week admitting that the US used AI to help find Middle East targets for air strikes:
From US Used AI to Help Find Middle East Targets for Airstrikes:

The US used artificial intelligence to identify targets hit by air strikes in the Middle East this month, a defense official said, revealing growing military use of the technology for combat… Machine learning algorithms that can teach themselves to identify objects helped to narrow down targets for more than 85 US air strikes on Feb. 2

Bloomberg quoted Schuyler Moore, Chief Technology Officer for U.S. Central Command. She described using AI to identify bombing targets in Iraq and Syria in apparent retaliation for a January 28th attack in Jordan that killed three U.S. troops and injured 34. According to Moore, it was last year’s Hamas attack that sent the Pentagon over the edge into a willingness to deploy Project Maven, in which AI helps the military identify targets using data from satellites, drones, and other sources.

“October 7th, everything changed,” she said. “We immediately shifted into high gear and a much higher operational tempo than we had previously.”

Why did that change everything?

Google Gemini AI’s idea of a Viking.

The US formally admitted to using AI to target human beings, and the use of Google’s AI is truly questionable. They can’t even put out an accurate image of a president or a pope. It’s biased.

This story about picking out human targets is at least as concerning as the ridiculous image generator.

I recently posted the Tucker story, asking if something is wrong with our military. This could be another example.

Americans are being kept in the dark, and we have no idea how successful or unsuccessful this is.


Taibbi explains that the Pentagon has used AI in drones for years.

Alphabet chief and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt chairs the Defense Innovation Board, and through efforts like Project Nimbus, Google is essentially helping military forces like Israel’s IDF develop their own AI programs, as one former exec puts it.

General Richard Clarke and Fletcher professor Richard Schultz, in an essay about Project Maven for West Point’s Modern War Institute, explained the military is now planning a “range of AI/ML applications” to drive “increased efficiency, cost savings, and lethality,” and a larger goal:

To prepare DoD as an institution for future wars—a transformation from a hardware-centric organization to one in which AI and ML software provides timely, relevant mission-oriented data to enable intelligence-driven decisions at speed and scale.

Taibbi writes that the goal is to transform it into one endlessly processing aim-and-shoot app.


In a somewhat related issue, Gareth Vipers has a story in the Wall Street Journal today about Elon Musk suing Open AI and its chief executive, Sam Altman, for breaking the artificial intelligence company’s founding agreement.

They are now prioritizing profit over the benefit of humanity. Musk helped found Chat GBT in 2015, and he now says that the close relationship with tech giant Microsoft goes against the company’s original commitment to public open-source AI.

When Musk founded the company, co-founders Altman and Greg Brockman agreed to pursue a nonprofit company for the benefit of mankind.

Musk filed the suit in San Francisco on Thursday. He says now that it is a closed source de facto subsidiary of the largest technology company in the world called Microsoft; under its new board, it is not just developing but is actually refining to maximize profits for Microsoft rather than benefiting mankind. Musk is claiming breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and unfair business practices.

Corporations like Microsoft cannot be trusted with this.

By the way, here’s Google Gemini’s Elon Musk:

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