George Floyd’s Nephew Arrested: Repeatedly Contacted Rittenhouse Jurors


A relative of George Floyd’s was arrested. His nephew, Cortez Rice, is the BLM agitator who bragged about doxing the Rittenhouse jurors.  He also said he knows people who filmed the jurors. Rice said they needed the same results in the Rittenhouse case that they got in the Floyd case.

He also filmed himself outside a Minneapolis’s judge’s apartment. At another time, he was caught invading the Iowa State Capitol threatening officers and filming.

Andy Ngo writes that he was “arrested for reportedly making contact with jurors. He’s jailed in Waukesha County, Wis. The far-left on Twitter are trying to fundraise $50,000 for him. The National Lawyers Guild was also contacted for help, according to someone in the comments. The NLG is the legal arm of the violent, militant far-left in the US. They work to represent and bail out far-left extremists. The group is historically connected to American communists.”

Ngo is correct. The NLG is a long time Soviet-style communist front organization.

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