German Officials Want Pre-Crime Laws for Political Opponents


This was posted earlier, but we have obtained more information since then from eugyppius’ substack. The AP falsely presented it as an effort to stop Russia’s extremists in Germany.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced Tuesday that a package of new measures will be considered to tackle the rise of far-right extremism. She wants to find them as early as possible before they do anything and has a 13-point plan.

In the best Orwellian fashion, she won’t limit herself to groups proven to be violent; she’ll go after a group’s “threat potential” and use it as grounds for investigations. This way, the proceedings should be faster and less weighed down by bureaucracy [like peoples’ rights?].

Munich, Germany (February 18, 2023) Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas held a bilateral meeting with Nancy Faeser, German Minister of Interior Faeser, in Munich, Germany, at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. (DHS photo by Sydney Phoenix)

“No one who donates to a right-wing extremist organization should be able to rely on remaining undiscovered,” she said.

She plans to catch them before they can do something wrong.

She plans to track right-wing extremist groups financially and, better than that, to create a special unit to control their speech. The “Early Recognition Unit” will detect far-right disinformation campaigns.

Under this proposal, the Germans will create new laws to freeze their money and track donors.

To give you an idea of who they think the far-right is, it’s farmers who don’t want their farms stolen or cows killed over invented nitrogen crises.

It’s coming within months. The Unit will also take away their guns and crossbows. One of Faeser’s efforts is targeting their efforts to remigrate the migrants. She does not want the illegal aliens sent home. Faeser has tried this before in 2022 and failed, but now, with all the migrants she wants to keep, crime is up, so she’s going after the right wing.

Don’t mess with their open borders. They need uneducated, impoverished masses to keep power.

She won’t define right-wing extremists. It could be anyone she opposes politically. Faeser wants to treat them like the Mafia. If you make the state, namely her and her ilk, your goose is cooked:

I would like to treat right-wing extremist networks in the same way as organized crimeThose who mock the state must have to deal with a strong state, which means consistently prosecuting and investigating every offense. This can be done not only by the police but also by the regulatory authorities such as the catering or business supervisory authorities. Our approach must be to leave no stone unturned when it comes to right-wing extremists.

And take away their money:

We must also uncover the financial links in right-wing extremist networks in order to deprive them of their income. This is the principle of ‘follow the money.’ Operationally, we have significantly strengthened financial investigations at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Banks are already being sensitized. Financial structures are being analyzed in detail, but we are coming up against legal limitsAt present, financial investigations are limited to incitement to hatred and violenceThat is not enough. I, therefore, want to amend the law to ensure that the potential threat is taken into account. This involves other factors, such as potential for action and social influence. We also need to make procedures faster and less bureaucratic. No one who donates to a right-wing extremist organization should be able to rely on remaining undetected.


AP: [There is] growing concern after a report said extremists met to discuss deporting millions of immigrants, including some with German citizenship, and that some members of the allegedly far-right Alternative for Germany party, whose support has doubled since the country’s 2021 election, were present.

The AfD supports Germans’ hardening attitudes toward migrants. Polling now puts it in second place nationally with around 21%, far above the 10.3% it won during the last federal election in 2021.

Germany’s Antifa wants the AfD banned immediately.

The right wing doesn’t like their replacements and prefers to keep Germany as Germany.

Faeser is also not going to let them enter or leave the country if they’re targeted right-wingers, even if they only have the potential for violence.

She doesn’t want them to travel:

We are just as determined to restrict the international networking of right-wing extremists. Right-wing extremist hatred must neither be exported out of Germany nor imported into Germany. That is why we are working together with the relevant state authorities to prevent right-wing extremists from travelling in and out of the country as far as possible.

Who are these undefined right-wingers? They don’t seem to be the thieves and rapists pouring across the borders.

Thomas Haldenwang, who heads the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, or BfV, said that his agency had come to the “sad conclusion” that extremism of all shades is on the rise in Germany. His comments come as polls show growing support for the far-right Alternative for Germany party in recent weeks.

Haldenwang suggests AfD is pro-Russia. It works every time, even in Germany. He is really afraid he’ll lose power. That’s what Faeser is afraid of.

He, too, wants to police thoughts:

Right-wing extremists make use of the fears and experiences of crisis among the population in order to radicalize the political fringes and spread their agenda to the middle classes. We must be careful not to allow such thought and speech patterns to become part of our language.

Haldenwang is also upset that they go to conferences and stuff:

In the spectrum of the New Right, we see networking endeavors that extend beyond the small circle of right-wing extremist intellectuals and also radiate into the parliamentary sphere. From there, there are established links at various levels to actors and organizations of other right-wing extremists. These are structural connections within a strategically operating network. This network is characterized by reciprocal invitations to events, interviews, and guest contributions for online formats and meetings in the real world.

Europe is becoming a dystopian Hell.

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