Germany’s Freezing, Faces Possible De-Industrialization


The German government is calling for the German people to save on lighting and heating during one of the coldest German winters in years. The sanctions on Russian oil and gas are meant to hurt Russia but primarily serve their World Economic Forum masters who promote their climate cult.

At the same time, the government is rationing energy supply to its cities and municipalities.

in early November, Klaus Mueller, head of Germany’s national energy regulatory authority, warned that despite the gas storage levels of over 90 percent of their capacity, these “storage facilities could be quickly emptied if this winter gets really cold,” Reuters reported.

It’s really cold. Germany relies mostly on gas, for heating, and most of their gas came from Russia.

It’s not just the average person freezing. Germany is in danger of de-industrialization.

State-run Deutsche Welle TV reports snow blanketing most of Germany on Wednesday, with temperatures at 14 degrees Fahrenheit in some places.

The State paper warned of potential loss of power and road closures. Their legacy media embraced the elite’s climate cult, and now the sound resentful when they tell people they can’t turn on Christmas lights or light Christmas trees.

What did they think would happen?

Businesses have been closing due to the high cost of electricity, and it has put Germany on the verge of de-industrialization. Europe, in general, is in the same position. Germany is going from the richest nation in Europe to an impoverished nation.

German public broadcaster Tagesschau warned that “according to a study, a massive surge in gas prices may lead to the de-industrialization of German and Europe.”

According to a study, the extremely high gas prices could, in the worst case, trigger de-industrialization in Germany and Europe. The delivery bottlenecks have recently cost billions in added value. According to the management consultancy PwC, the energy crisis is endangering key sectors of German industry and could even trigger a de-industrialization of Europe. Europe is losing global competitiveness and attractiveness as a production location. According to the study by a PwC subsidiary, Strategy&,  German industry is being hit particularly hard by the explosive gas prices. “In the future, many companies could decide to reorganize their production within Europe or to withdraw entirely from Europe,” said Strategy& Europe boss Andreas Späne.

Bloomberg News recently cited a survey claiming that the German firms were “running out of ways to save” energy. “Large parts of German industry will no longer be able to avoid production cuts if companies need to reduce natural gas consumption further.”

German cultists get to destroy Christmas, industrialization, and fossil fuels all at the same time. It’s a win-win-win.

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