Rudy Giuliani discusses the laptop, warns that Bidens’ are compromised


Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s Attorney, Former Federal Prosecutor, and the Former Mayor of New York joined SiriusXM to talk with host David Webb about the chain of events leading to the legal acquisition of the alleged Hunter Biden Laptop at the heart of the Hunter Biden New York Post story.


“The process was that the laptop was left by Hunter Biden, in an inebriated, heavily inebriated state with the merchant. The merchant fixed the laptop, tried to reach Hunter Biden and Hunter Biden never came back for it.

The document that I have signed by Hunter Biden says, that after 90 days the hard drive is abandoned and it becomes the property of the merchant. Sometime after it became his property, he became very suspicious that maybe he had evidence of a crime sitting in his office. So he listened to it and he found that he did. He had legal possession of it.

He legally turned it over to the FBI, and then he legally turned it over to my lawyer. It’s now his property.

Why are they sensitive about this?

He can do what he wants with it. Now, why are they so sensitive about this? When they were more than willing to publish stolen tax returns, not legally obtained..stolen tax returns on the President of the United States. So tell me they’re even partially fair.

And why are they selling out to Biden like this? Because Biden is going to let them keep doing it. I mean, if Biden would have become president, we might as well give up. We’re not going to say anything.

This has never happened in the United States, this level of censorship. This is what used to go on in the Soviet Union, David. I mean, it’s outrageous what these high tech companies are doing and the excuses they give are total lies. They say it was hacked. It hasn’t been hacked. He never even bothered to find out if it was hacked.”

Listen to this clip:

“Okay, well, I put that out because it’s an overview of everything you’re going to see in the New York Post. That’s basically the distribution method of the Biden crime sample. The way the mafia had a distribution of casino money, they have a distribution of money and they follow the Chinese model of corruption.

This is pointed out very effectively in Peter Schweitzer’s book, “Secret Empires.” The Chinese do corruption, not by paying the public official directly, but by paying the close relatives of the public official who then take responsibility for most of the expenses of that public official, and also make sure he gets a certain stipend so he can live like a multimillionaire the way Joe lives.

How does he afford these homes?

Joe has homes that no Senator could afford. What Hunter Biden is describing is that throughout his life, the money he earned isn’t his. Now, it couldn’t be his.

Hunter Biden is a very serious crack addict. When I say very seriously, I’ve rarely seen one as bad as this, and I used to be head of narcotics prosecutions. I have so many photographs of him stoned or whatever you call the right term for being on crack, that I wonder if he ever had a chance to work. Now, all those photos that I have, David, you know the Chinese have and more.

And he is a very serious national security threat. He was when he was the son of the vice president, because he was going in and out of meetings with his father. His father was taking him to China, flying them on Air Force Two, and he had him around the president.

I mean, that was a clear and present national security threat to the United States of America, and I wonder if it was ever discovered by Biden’s almost criminal intelligence agencies. I don’t know what Brennan was. He sure as heck wasn’t working out for the United States. I wonder if Brennan ever picked any of this up. If he didn’t, he was a totally incompetent political CIA director.

Compromised by the Chinese

So the Chinese were definitely compromising him and they’ve compromised him up and down. They’ve got photos of him committing crimes. They’ve got photos of him involved in very ambiguous sexual relations that could be considered criminal.

They have him, they got him involved in about six or seven different business deals, two of which clearly are bribes. I don’t know how much more they could have on him. They got plenty on the dad, that thing about sharing half with dad, and all of that is backed up by documents that came out today.

You’ll see, in the New York Post today, a breakdown of the new JV they were forming that actually did get formed in which it has a very, very interesting statement at the end. It says 10% held for H (that’s Hunter) for the big guy, but we know from the context of these text messages, the big guy is Joe Biden.”



Listen to the entire interview here on this link

Credit: SiriusXM Patriot and “The David Webb Show” (weekdays at 9 am ET on SiriusXM Patriot 125).

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