GoFundMe, Discover, FB Fund Revolutionaries, Cancel Conservatives


Powerful people and mega corporations punched down and bullied a teenager for a year. GoFundMe blocked legal defense fundraisers for Kyle. So did Facebook.

The GoFundMe CEO Tim Cadogan, a far-left radical, has locked his Twitter account since the acquittal. He is a graduate of Stanford and The London School of Economics. Cadigan supports Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two violent communist-anarchist organizations trying to overthrow our government.

Tim Cadigan

GoFundMe, under Cadogan, allowed a fundraiser for a group (Riot Kitchen) dedicated to providing logistical support for riots. Not only that, the company itself actually donated $500. The group was arrested outside Kenosha while filling up gas containers to distribute to rioters. The company also gave to CHAZ aka CHOP, and kept their fundraiser up.


When Kyle raised the money through GiveSendGo, there were organized efforts to dox and harm ordinary people who donated.

Credit card company Discover discontinued credit cardholders giving money to the Christian GiveSendGo platform. The funds were used to launch a campaign for Rittenhouse’s legal defense.

However, Discover was fine letting credit cardholders donate in support of a man who threw bricks at police officers during riots in Pittsburgh.

It’s not just Kyle Rittenhouse.

Candace Owens’ GoFundMe for an Alabama bar owner was taken down when he called George Floyd a ‘thug’ and protesters “idiots.” His opinion was not allowed.

Ms. Owens said, “Once again, conservatives and Trump supporters need to adapt to a world that tells us that our very existence is unacceptable. That our ideas, thoughts, and now even our charitable efforts are unacceptable. That threatening, boycotting, and canceling us is okay.”

GoFundMe canceled the campaigns of Christian bakers and faith-based florists who refused service to same-sex weddings. They wouldn’t allow funds for the officers — charged but found innocent — in the death of Freddie Gray.

There were organized efforts to dox and harm ordinary people who donated to Kyle’s defense.

Data analysts researching the 2020 election — Trump supporters — were shut down after raising $220,000.

Most egregiously, Officer William Kelly was fired from the Norfolk Police Department after he gave an anonymous $25 donation, wishing Kyle Rittenhouse well. Hackers obtained the email addresses of anonymous donors they released to the media in order to get the “mob” to do something. The backlash that occured stripped William Kelly of his job and his right to donate money to a legal cause he wanted to support. He has three your children and his wife has cancer.


GoFundMe, which is notorious for canceling conservative fundraisers, even when it comes to police or people injured by radicals, regularly crowdsources funds for radical leftists.

A campaign to support Kyle Rittenhouse was taken down. Fundraising for Rittenhouse violated their terms of service which are, get this, to prohibit “activity that GoFundMe may deem in its sole discretion to be unacceptable.”

In other words, they have no definable terms of service.

At the same time, the site brags it is “The most trusted free online fundraiser platform.”

Molotov Cocktail-carrying rioters are A-OK, however. Zachary Alexander Karas of San Diego was caught by police with two Molotov Cocktails at a protest in La Mesa, according to an op-ed at Post Millennial.

They not only hosted his campaign but donated $150 themselves.


“My girlfriend was released with no paper, but unfortunately they kept me and charged me with bank larceny,” the description reads, adding that the charges have since changed to “attempted bank robbery.”

Another titled “Fundraiser for Tuscon Arrestees” solicited donations for 12 people who face felony riot charges. The campaign raised thousands.

The “Tia Pugh Legal Defense Fund” raised money for a 22-year-old Alabama woman arrested for criminal mischief and inciting a riot. The fund garnered about $3,000 because crime pays for GoFundMe.

Members of the Antifa group John Brown Gun Club started a GoFundMe after having their weapons stolen at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).


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