Good News! MSNBC Says Crime Is Down, It’s All Good


Yesterday, before Gov. Hochul was told to leave the wake for Jonathan Diller, she allegedly spoke with his wife, Stephanie, who told her she must get rid of the bail reform law. Then, someone came over and told Hochul to leave. Stephanie is courageous.

MSNBC, one of the many far-left propaganda outlets, claimed Donald Trump propagandized the wake when he attended – upon an invitation from Jonathan Diller’s wife. They didn’t say the same about Gov. Hochul’s meaningless photo-op or Mrs. Diller’s words to the governor.

They claim the number of crimes is down. Many New Yorkers will tell you they don’t call the police for many crimes because they know the police can’t, and no one else will do anything. Additionally, it’s no longer a crime to assault, rob, or shoplift in many blue cities. You have to rape or murder to get noticed and kept in jail.

No one in New York thinks crime is down, no one. We have 1,000 National Guard and State Police in the subways because they’re unsafe. The man who just broke a woman’s jaw in a random attack for no reason is out on the streets again for the eighth time.

We have people here illegally from some of the worst gangs in South America and China forming networks to steal, deal in drugs, and commit other crimes. At the same time, no one has the police’s back.

The leftist outlet compared other presidents’ remarks with Donald Trump’s at the wake. The police and the Diller family wanted Donald Trump to address the crime issue, so he did.

They compared Trump with Joe Biden:

Likewise, Joe Biden has made repeated pleas for the parties and the country to come together. The word “unity” appeared eight times in his inaugural address, in which he said, “My whole soul is in this, bringing America together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. And I ask every American to join me in this cause.” As it was for Obama, that goal remains unfulfilled, not because Biden hasn’t sincerely pursued it but because he finds so few takers in the other party.

What Biden means by uniting is Republicans have to do what Democrats say.

No one thinks Joe Biden wants to unite us – no one. Everything Biden does is divisive. His State of the Union addresses are hate-filled. These people must think we are very stupid.

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