Good News! Trevor Noah Explains Socialism Is “All In Your Mind” You Dopes


The dangers of Socialism are “all in your mind” and it’s just a ‘label’. So says Trevor Noah, the South African comic who mocks Republicans who think it’s anything else.

Trevor Noah comes from a Socialist country that murders white farmers and will soon confiscate their land without compensation. The whites have been there for 400 years and made it into a prosperous country, but they will soon have it all stolen from them. That’s how socialism works. It always ends in force.

The youth today haven’t been taught of its inevitable dangers. Noah puts it a different way. He claims they haven’t been “indoctrinated against socialism’. The reverse is true.

Noah’s positive views of socialism are not something the U.S. should ever accept. Still, the unfunny comic demeans and mocks Republicans for their concerns as the Democrats attempt to move the United States into the black hole of socialism.

Noah is using comedy to perpetuate lies. He wants people to think the label is meaningless and we will all love the ideas/results of socialism.

Then too, Democrats are afraid of the label because they don’t want people to know their actual agenda.


In his July 26 softball interview with Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he referred to opposition to socialism as indoctrination when the opposite is true. He asked her if she considered taking the word ‘socialist’ out of the label.

Noah dismissed the term socialism as just a political “label.”

“And I ask this as an argument that I saw, it was an interesting idea, where someone said millennials in this generation haven’t been indoctrinated in the same way against socialism as the older generation has….Those ideas, I think most people would agree on, especially if they don’t know the label that they are attached to, you know?”

He suggests she promote the ideas without the label.

He repeated that idea in a Comedy Central promo. The Daily Show host mocked Republicans over their opposition to socialism when it’s merely a “label”. He says their concerns over the radical, dangerous ideology are “all in your mind.”

Noah is characterizing Republicans as so stupid, they don’t realize they only hate ‘labels’, not socialism.

He mimicked a mock interview with Republicans in the promo, asking, “Do you think industries should be bailed out if they’ve been crippled? Assuming the response of a stupid Republican, he says, “Yeah, of course, of course.” He then explains to the stupid Republican, “Well socialism is what that is”, and he answers mocking again, “Well I don’t like socialism”.

Noah continued, “It’s all in your mind. It’s like you go like, ‘Wow, that person’s good looking,’ and he’s like, ‘That’s your cousin.’ ‘Aaagh.’”

Watch the clip:

The Democratic Socialist platform is worse than that of the Communist Party USA. Ocasio-Cortez is backed by Marxists and Stalinists.

Look at What Democratic Socialists Really Want for America

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