GOP Could Lose the House


Radical Democrats picked up more seats today in competitive districts. Did you notice that the longer the vote counting goes on, the more votes Democrats get? Adam Laxalt said on Friday that Catherine Cortez Masto would have to get 63% of the votes outstanding to win, and the next day, she did.

It’s mostly because of the mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting. They always go to Democrats in New York. Democrats have control of the mail-in vote.

Democrats also had a lot more money than Republicans. Mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting favor Democrats. If Republicans can’t win anything this election, can they ever win again? We know the day is coming when Republicans can only win in minor races as Democrats gain more power and money.  We are looking at a one-party state with totalitarians in charge. Democrats are very dictatorial, and they hate our rule of law.

Forced demographic changes are the main reason for this political realignment. Ironically, many people are coming to get away from the very thing they’re bringing with them – bad political ideas.

Republicans need seven seats just for a bare majority. Even if we barely win, we’d get rid of Nancy Pelosi.

Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez beat Joe Kent in southwestern Washington in a deep red area. That wasn’t very reassuring.

There are 11 seats left to be filled.

The one thing we can’t ever do is give up.


There are currently 11 races that have not been called, and 10 of those seats are considered “battlegrounds.” Of those remaining in battleground districts, five were rated as “toss ups,” two were in the “likely Democrat” category, one was “leaning Democrat,” and two were “leaning Republican.”

Democratic strategists who work on House races this cycle say it would take a “miracle,” but Democrats do have a possible path to retaining the majority.

They would have to win at least 8 of the remaining 11 seats. However, close races are breaking for Democrats.


The truly dangerous president ruining the county feels good about where they are.

“We feel good about where we are, and I know I’m a cockeyed optimist, I understand that from the beginning, but I’m not surprised by the turnout. I’m incredibly pleased by the turnout,” Biden said.
He’s destroying us, but he feels good.
  • Arizona: The races in Arizona’s First District (where Democrats are hoping to unseat Representative David Schweikert) and Sixth District (an open seat featuring Juan Ciscomani, a Republican, and Kirsten Engel, a Democrat) are both within a single percentage point.

  • California: Democrats have a chance of defeating Republican incumbents in a handful of California seats, including Representative David Valadao in the 22nd District and Ken Calvert in the 41st District. There is also a very close race for an open seat in the 13th District.

  • Colorado: Democrats have a small chance to flip a seat in the Third District, where their candidate, Adam Frisch, trails Representative Lauren Boebert by a little over 1,000 votes but could potentially come out ahead if he does well in ballots from military members, American citizens overseas and voters who “cure” rejected ballots.

  • Oregon: There are two very close races in Oregon. One is in the Fifth District, where Jamie McLeod-Skinner, a Democrat who defeated Representative Kurt Schrader in a primary, is up against Lori Chavez-DeRemer, a Republican. The other is in the Sixth District, between Andrea Salinas, a Democrat, and Mike Erickson, a Republican.

Kari Lake is struggling in Arizona:

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1 year ago

Florida has proven that Demographic Changes are not doing this. Democrats have lost the Hispanic and Black vote Nationwide. DeSantis cleaned up voting in Florida and the State is Bright Red. We hear all this Gaslighting from the Media, but with 40% of the Nation against the President and 80% saying we are headed in the Wrong direction people don’t vote for the same thing. In every State that Republicans lost, there is wide scale mail-in voting, ballot harvesting and very lax laws related to Election Fraud. You simply can’t allow Mail-in Ballots or any Ballots to be counted after the Polls Close. All Ballots sent in early MUST BE Tallied and Posted before the opening of Polls on Election Day for transparency! In fact, votes should be tallied daily during early voting. That would stop most of the fraud cold!

We need Republican Leaders to be in the Courts NOW! We can’t have Courts a year from now admitting there was massive Fraud and saying it’s just water under the Bridge. Judges who do not hear these cases immediately, pushing everything else off their calendars, and getting the Fraud on the Public Record need to be tarred and feathered, physically (Jailed for Malfeasence) if necessary to get their attention. Judges are paid to see that there is Justice. Judges who are too scared to hear these cases need to be far more scared not to hear them and provide transparency. Courts are supposed to be watch dogs over Government Excess and Corruption. These cases need to be in Both State and Federal Courts. Voter Fraud is not just a crime, it’s a Civil Rights Violation, a form of Terrorism, and an attack on the Sovereignty of the Nation. We need to force the Courts to take a stand and do their job. If they aren’t willing to do their job, then we don’t need Courts! It’s time to put Courts on Trial.

Trump Won
Trump Won
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Unfortunately, Once an election is certified, it’s difficult to reverse it. Unfortunately, once again, the election was stolen.

1 year ago
Reply to  Trump Won

If the evidence is there, all it takes to Decertify an Election is a Judge with Balls of Brass. It isn’t over until the Fate Lady Sings.

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek