Bidens, Chalupa, a fake black book! Rudy Giuliani reports he has the “smoking gun”


This story is a bit longer than what I usually put together, but I promise you won’t regret reading it to the end. You will have to decide if it has merit.

Rudy Giuliani claims to have the “smoking gun” to ultimately vindicate the President’s claims about the Bidens and others involved with the Bidens. President Trump’s personal lawyer, who is a former mayor of New York City, gave an overview during an interview on ‘Watter’s World’ on Saturday evening during which he gave some detailed information.


The evidence he has is out of Ukraine. He has the “documents,” and he is naming names. Giuliani said he has three Ukrainian witnesses who take the story of corruption back to an NSC meeting in January 2016. Biden and Obama representatives, possibly the whistleblower, two Ukrainian prosecutors, and one member of the Ukraine Embassy attended the meeting. During the meeting, the Americans asked the Ukrainians to get dirty information on the Trump campaign.

That became the fraudulent ‘black book.’

Teleschenko told Giuliani that Alexander Chalupa, the DNC contractor, said the black book was intended to destroy Donald Trump’s campaign and force him to withdraw.

Giuliani said Chalupa and others actually believed the President was involved with Russia, and they didn’t think the book would have to be used in court.

One of the witnesses, Andrii Telizhenko, can be seen on Giuliani’s podcast. Go to 21:36 on the clip on this link to hear Mr. Telizhenko.

Watters’ summarized the “smoking gun” as “a ’roundabout’ — an international wire to avoid detection disguised as a loan.”

Giuliani says he has information on Hunter Biden, which he calls a “smoking gun.” It shows a money laundered transaction when Shokin was fired for $14.6 million, and it states that Hunter Biden is under investigation. The transaction was described as loans through two transactions where it goes to the U.S. and it disappears. The money for all Burisma board members was listed, except for Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. Shokin then wanted to investigate the two men.



Giuliani believes Biden should have been investigated when he bragged about getting Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired two years ago. Joe Biden admitted to holding up USAid if he wasn’t. Biden claims that the man was wholly corrupt, and EU officials can back that up.

Joe Biden’s concern, however, came as Shokin was launching a probe into Burisma and was interested in speaking with Hunter Biden, Shokin has said.


The fraudulent black ledger was used to seriously damage Paul Manafort, who was fired as candidate Trump’s campaign manager. The Mueller probe of Russia collusion used this black book, even after they knew it was fraudulent.

Mueller Knew Early On That It Was a Fake

According to a new report, the FBI knew the ledger was fraudulent in April 2018.

Investigative journalist John Solomon was the first to report the blockbuster news that the black ledger “had been fabricated.”

As it happens, Rick Gates, Manafort’s former business partner, gave this information to Mueller’s investigators in April 2018. Solomon learned this information from examining a written summary of an April 2018 special counsel’s interview.

Solomon emphasizes that the ledger and the dossier were the two key pieces of evidence in the case against President Trump.

Gates told prosecutors, “The ledger was completely made up.”

Solomon interviewed Gates for this story and writes that he confirmed the information in the summary. Gates told him, “The black ledger was a fabrication. It was never real, and this fact has since been proven true.”

According to Solomon: Gates’ account is backed by several Ukrainian officials who stated in interviews dating to 2018 that the ledger was of suspicious origins and could not be corroborated.

Gates’ account is backed by several Ukrainian officials who stated in interviews dating to 2018 that the ledger was of suspicious origins and could not be corroborated.

The Evidence Used in the Mueller Probe Was Known to Be Fraudulent

If true, Gates’ account means the two key pieces of documentary evidence used by the media and FBI in the debunked Russia collusion narrative — the Steele dossier and the black ledger — were at best uncorroborated and at worst disinformation.

It also lends credence to Giuliani’s claims.

The Ukrainians Confessed

Konstantin Kilimnik, a former business partner of Manafort’s and Gate’s, said: “he had written to a senior State Department official in August 2016, that the black ledger did not match actual payments made to Manafort’s firm.” (Kilimnik was indicted in Manafort’s case, but is on the loose.)

Kilimnik wrote: “I have some questions about this black cash stuff because those published records do not make sense. The time frame doesn’t match anything related to payments made to Manafort…It does not match my records. All fees Manafort got were wires, not cash.”

Solomon reports: “In December 2018, a Ukrainian court ruled that two of that country’s government officials — member of parliament Sergey Leschenko and Artem Sytnyk, the head of the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine — illegally interfered in the 2016 U.S. election by publicizing the black ledger evidence. Listen to that information here.”

While that ruling has been overturned on a technicality, the role of Sytnyk and Leschenko in pushing the black ledger story remains true.


Pro-Western Ukrainian-American lawyer, Alexandra Chalupa, reportedly hated lobbyist Paul Manafort for assisting in the re-election of pro-Russian Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.

Dan Bongino writes in his book, “Spygate” that after Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016, “allegations of Trump-Russia collusion started to gain steam.” Much of this was Alexandra Chalupa’s doing, he wrote.

She had worked as a DNC consultant and worked for Democrat politicians, including several Clinton campaign officials.

Between 2004 and 2016, she had earned $412,000 from the DNC but left to focus on researching Manafort. Chalupa had “watched him since 2014.”

When Manafort joined the Trump team, she immediately alerted the DNC of a possible “threat” of Russian influence.

Manafort was fired when Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Bureau, Marie Yovanovitch’s and Joe Biden’s bureau, found a black ledger in a bank vault abandoned by Yanukovych. It showed $12 million in cash payments earmarked for Manafort by Yanukovych’s political party.

They were allegedly from an illegal off-the-books system. Manafort resigned.

That cast the Russian collusion shadow over the Trump campaign.

Mueller knew it was a fake in April 2018 and he knew the dossier was fraudulent and unverified from the beginning. Yet, they were used to probe the President.

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